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Zhan Yuhao (Traditional Chinese: 詹宇豪; Simplified Chinese: 詹宇豪), born 3 October 1981 is a Taiwanese musician. He is currently the pianist in the Taiwanese music group Nan Quan Mama.

Biography Edit

Zhan grew up in a single parent family, and began playing the piano at the age of 3. At a young age, Zhan's sister died. As a tribute to her, he wrote a song entitled "Disappear." He studied classical music at the National Taiwan University of Arts, graduating in 2006.

Zhan starred in Jay Chou's recent movie "Secret" as Howe, who is also known by his peers as the "Prince of Piano" due to his finesse with the instrument. He also goes on many music tours with Chou for live "piano battles".

Zhan starred in Jay Chou's recent drama "Pandamen 熊貓人" as Pan Da / Panda Superman 潘達 / 熊猫超人 together with devon song 宋健彰 and jessie chiang 江語晨.[1]

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