Template:Chinese name Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Yang Lei (Template:Zh; born October 12, 1984 in Chongqing) also known as Shinee Lee is a Chinese pop singer and actress who achieved instant fame when she won the nationwide singing contest Super Girl in 2006.

Early yearsEdit

Born into a middle-class family, Yang Lei was not encouraged to pursue a career in entertainment. Before 2006, she was a music teacher at the Heping primary school.

Super Girl competitionEdit

While still a 22-year old teacher at the Heping primary school, Yang participated in the Super Girl singing contest (similar to the Idol series of contests around the world) in 2006. She won the qualifying competition in Chengdu, then went on to win the nationwide contest among 80,000 applicants. Followly, she won the tenth in the nationwide contest.

Music careerEdit

Her first single was "Learn" (Chinese: 学会), recorded during the time when she was on Super Girl. Her second single was "1234 Dance" (Chinese: 1234舞). Her third single was "Love me, don't be troublesome" (Chinese: 爱我不罗嗦), which is an interlude of the TV play named "That guy is so handsome" (Chinese: 那小子真帅). Her forth single was "Love and Bravery" (Chinese: 爱,勇气).

Her debut album, titled The Panda is coming (Template:Zh), was released on May 5, 2009. It presold 10,000 copies and sold more than 4,000 copies in the first month.

Action careerEdit

Her first TV play was "That guy is so handsome" (Chinese: 那小子真帅), in which she played the leading lady named "Qiansui Han" (Chinese: 韩千穗). Her second TV play was "Diary of the boyes" (Chinese: 男生日记), in which she played the leading lady named "Xiner Mo" (Chinese: 莫欣儿).



Information Tracklisting
The Panda is coming
  • Released: May 5, 2009
  • 1st Studio Album
{{hidden|Tracklisting             |
  1. 熊猫来了 [The Panda is coming]
  2. 运动宝贝 [Sports Baby]
  3. 戒不掉 [Can't give up]


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