Template:Chinese name Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Winnie Lau Siu Wai (Template:Zh) is a Hong Kong singer and actress. She has two daughters with her husband, Edmund So from Grasshopper.


  • Sin Of Lonely
  • Showing All The Feelings
  • Denon Mastersonic Series
  • Unwilling To Part With
  • Change Selection
  • The Classical Songs of Universal
  • Love Is Gone
  • Thank You for Loving Me


  1. Gwai ma kwong seung kuk (traditional Chinese: 鬼馬狂想曲)(2004)
  2. Qing tian pi li zhi xia ji da jie (traditional Chinese: 晴天霹靂之下集大結局)(1993)
  3. Chao ji xue xiao ba wang (traditional Chinese: 超級學校霸王)(1993)
  4. Xiao xia Chu Liu Xiang (traditional Chinese: 笑俠楚留香)(1993)
  5. Shen suan (traditional Chinese: 神算)(1992)
  6. Shuang Cho(traditional Chinese: 雙钃)(1991)
  7. San boon gan baat a (traditional Chinese:新半斤八兩)(1990)
  8. Chung tin siu ji(traditional Chinese:衝天小子) (1989)
  9. Hu dan nu er gang (traditional Chinese:虎膽女兒紅)(1989)


ja:ウィニー・ラウ zh-yue:劉小慧 zh:劉小慧

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