Template:BLP unsourced Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Template:Chinese name Winnie Hsin (born February 8, 1962Template:Citation needed in Fengyuan City, Taichung County, Taiwan), also known as Hsin Hsiao-chi, is a Taiwanese singer. She is best known for her crystal-clear soprano voice.


In 1976, Hsin was admitted to the Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School, and in 1979 she studied music in the Chinese Culture University in Taipei. After graduating, she became a music teacher in the Yamaha Music School in Taipei. She released her first album, Lonely Winter, in 1986, and has since released a total of 16 albums, under the labels of Decca Records, Rock Records and Warner Music.

In 1995, Hsin voice acted the titular character in the Mandarin dubbed version of the Walt Disney animated film Pocahontas. She also performed the Mandarin version of the film's theme song, Colours of the Wind, and some other songs in the soundtrack.

In 2003, Hsin starred as Zhu Yingtai in a Taiwanese musical based on the Chinese legend of the Butterfly Lovers. Three years later, she held two solo concerts in Taiwan on 30 June and 1 July, called Winnie Hsin "The Promise" Concert. She held another concert in Genting Highlands, Malaysia, on 26 July 2008.

In 2007, Hsin endorsed one of Avon's ANEW Alternative beauty care products. On 7 July, she performed at the Live Earth concert held in Shanghai, China. On 30 May 2009, she performed in the Join, Love Club concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum.


Year Album title Notes
1986 寂寞的冬 (Lonely Winter)
1990 在你背影守候 (Waiting Behind Your Shadow)
1991 一夜之間 (In One Night)
1992 花時間 (Flower Time)
1994 領悟 (Understanding)
味道 (Scent)
辛曉琪歷年精選 (Winnie Hsin Hits in Various Years)
1995 遺忘 (Forget)
Winter Light in English
Love Runs Deep in English
1996 愛上他不只是我的錯 (It's Not My Fault to Love Him)
1997 女人何苦為難女人 (Women Shouldn't be Hard on Women)
滾石珍藏版金碟系列 (24K Golden Selection)
1998 每個女人 (Every Women)
守候辛曉琪 (Waiting For Winnie Hsin)
1999 怎麼 (Why)
2000 談情看愛 (Talking About Love)
2001 永遠 (Forever)
2003 滾石香港十周年:辛曉琪 (Winnie's Best: Rock Records Hong Kong Tenth Anniversary)
梁祝音樂劇 (Butterfly Lovers Musical)
2002 戀人啊 (Lovers)
失物招領 (Lost & Find)
Your Scent
Lovers Japanese version
2004 我也會愛上別人的 (I Will Also Fall in Love with Someone Taiwanese and Japanese version
2007 愛的回答 (Answer of Love)

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