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|Birth_name = 周育民 (p=Zhōu Yùmín}}) |Alias = Zhou Yumin, 周渝民 |Born = June 9, 1981 (1981-06-09) (age 37) |Origin = Taiwan |genres= Pop, C-pop, Mandopop, Rock |Occupation=actor, singer, model |Blood_type= O |years = 2001-2007 (F4)
2001-present (acting)
2002-present (solo) |label = Sony Music Entertainment }}

Vic Chou ((周渝民; Zhōu Yúmín) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and commercial model. He is a member of the famous Taiwanese boy band F4, and has starred in many Taiwanese dramas. His stage name, 周渝民, literally means “a completely changed person”. It had a variation only in the middle character (from 育 to 渝) from his birth name, 周育民 (p=Zhōu Yùmín}}), which literally means “a completely nourished or reared person”.

Biography Edit

Vic Chou was born on June 9 1981, making him the youngest of the F4 members. He is considered the baby of F4, being treated the best by other F4 members. His mother has Taiwanese aborigines Atayal bloodline while his father is Taiwanese with ancestry from Linyi, Shandong Province. His grandmother gave him the nickname Zàizài "仔仔", meaning "little boy", which has become a nickname for him among fans.

Education Edit

  • Department of Business Administration,Hsing Wu College
  • Department of Industrial Management,China University of Technology Chung Kuo Institute of Technology
  • Department of Machinery,National LoTung Industrial Vocational High School
  • Luodong Junior High School
  • Gong Zeng Elementary School.

Entering the Industry Edit

He was discovered when he accompanied a friend auditioning for a role in Meteor Garden. While waiting for a friend at their auditions, he was huddled in a corner near one of the Meteor Garden staff's office, who said he looked like Huā Zé Lèi and was asked to audition. Meteor Garden was adopted from a Japanese, "Boys Over Flowers" (Japanese romanization: Hana Yori Dango). He was asked to play the role of Huā Zé Lèi, a very silent and sensitive guy who befriends the female protagonist Shān Cài, played by Barbie Hsu.

Individual Success as Singer and Actor Edit

Recording career Edit

He was the first F4 member to release his own album when Make a Wish (album) was released in January 2002. It was followed by Remember, I Love You which was released in January 2004. He also sang some solo songs included in F4’s albums like two songs in "Meteor Rain", released in August 2001 and 2 songs in "Fantasy 4ever", released in December 2002. His third album, I'm Not F4 was released in October 2007. He has 2 solo songs in F4/JVKV's most recent album "Waiting for You Here" [在這裡等你], released in December 2007. His solo songs also appear in the Original Soundtrack (OST) of "Love Storm" [狂愛龍捲風], "Silence" [深情密碼] and "Wish to See You Again" [這裡發現愛]。 His and F4’s albums were all released under Sony Music Taiwan.

Acting career Edit

Aside from "Meteor Garden" [流星花園], Zhou has appeared in many Taiwanese series such as the four-episode "Meteor Rain" [流星雨], "Poor Prince" [貧窮貴公子], "Meteor Garden II" (sequel of "Meteor Garden I"), "Come To My Place" [來我家吧], and "Love Storm" [狂愛龍捲風]. All of the above mentioned dramas had a lighter tone to them, and are considered to be very "typical" idol drama faire. However, with his next role in "Mars" 【戰神】, co-starring Barbie Hsu, Zhou has publicly acknowledged that this was a turning point for his career. Zhou plays a set of twins, one of which on the surface seems happy-go-lucky but ends up committing suicide, and the other of which struggles with mental illness and post-traumatic stress syndrome. The plot-line of the series delves deep into issues not generally explored in idol dramas such as the frailty of the human psyche, violence, goodness versus evil, suicide, and sexual abuse, just to name a few. In many interviews, Zhou has pinpointed this as the moment where his interest in acting was truly piqued. Since then, Zhou has taken on increasingly more multi-faceted roles deliberately varying them one from another. "Qi Wei Yi" in Silence was an ambitious but lonely business man who's only moment of happiness took place 13 years ago with a mute girl. He finally finds love only to come down with cancer. "Zhi Tian" in "Sweet Relationship," [美味關係]is a cranky but perfectionist chef who spends most of his time yelling at his apprentices. "Xu Le" in "Wish to See You Again" [這裡發現愛] is an awkward but passionate best-selling novelist who innocently falls in love for the first time. His role in Black and White marks a departure from Taiwanese idol dramas. Zhou takes on the challenging role of a very emotionally complex policeman with a past that is thrown into a dangerous web of corruption. "Sheng Yue Ru" in "The Last Night of Madame Chin" [金大班的最後一夜], a young man from Shanghai high society, has studied abroad, loves painting and theater, and someone who is single-minded and dedicated to love. They fell deeply in love and became lovers. But their relationship faced strong resistance and objections from both families, especially Yue Ru's father, a rich banker.

As of January 2008, Zhou embarked upon his first movie "Linger" [蝴蝶飛]/ Hu Die Fei was released. Mid-summer 2008, Zhou came out with his second movie, "Tea Fight." Due to its popularity, talks of bringing "Black and White" to the big screen are currently taking place.

Filmography Edit

Year Title Chinese Title Role
2001 Meteor Garden 流星花園 Huā Zé Lèi (花澤類)
2001 Yamada Tarō Monogatari 貧窮貴公子 Shān Tián Tài Láng (山田太郎)
2001 Meteor Rain 流星雨 Huā Zé Lèi (花澤類)
2002 Come to my Place 來我家吧 Zhang Zhong Yuan (張中原)
2002 Meteor Garden II 流星花園 2 Huā Zé Lèi (花澤類)
2003 Love Storm 狂愛龍捲風 Lù Yǐng Fēng (陸穎風)
2004 Mars 戰神Mars Chén Líng (陳零)
Chén Shèng (陳聖)
2006 Silence 深情密碼 Qi Wei Yi (戚偉易)
2007 Sweet Relationship 美味關係 Fang Zhi Tian (方織田)
2008 Wish to See You Again 這裡發現愛 Xu Le (許樂)
2009 Black and White 痞子英雄 Chen Zai Tian (陳在天)
2009 The Last Night of Madam Chin 金大班最後一夜 Sheng Yue Ru(盛月如)

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Movies Edit

Year Title Chinese Title Role
2008 Linger 蝴蝶飛 Lin Xu Dong (林旭東)
2008 Tea Fight 鬪茶 Yang (楊)

Discography Edit

Year Album Title Chinese Title Songs
2001 Meteor Rain 流星雨 Persistence For You (為你執著)(p=Wé Ni Zhí Zhùo}}) (Track 5)

The Most Special Existence (最特别的存在) (p=Zuì Tè Bié De Cún Zài}})(Track 10)

2002 Make A Wish
  1. Make A Wish
  2. Love Loves You - 愛在愛妳 (p=Ài Zài Ài Nǐ}})
  3. Hotline For Help - 求救專線 (p=Qiú Jiù Zhuān Xiàn}})
  4. Broken Tears - 破碎的眼淚 (p=Pò Suì De Yǎn Lèi}})
  5. A Gentle Good Night - 溫柔的晚安 (p=Wēn Róu De Wǎn Ān}})
  6. With Me And You - 有我有你 (p=Yǒu Wǒ Yǒu Nǐ}})
  7. Loving You
  8. It Aches My Heart - 心疼 (p=Xīn Téng}})
  9. Even Fairy Tales Are Not Good Enough - 童話還不夠美好 (p=Tóng Huà Hái Bú Gòu Měi Hǎo}})
  10. If It Were Not, For Loving You - 要不是愛上你 (p=Yào Bú Shì Ài Shàng Nǐ}})
2003 Fantasy 4ever

Lonely Winter - 一個人的冬季 (p=Yī Gè Rén De Dōng Jì}}) (Track 4)
How Come It's You - 怎麽會是你 (p=Zěn Me Huì Shì Nǐ}}) (Track 10)

2003 Love Storm Soundtrack 抂愛龍捲風 戀曲 OST I breathe you (我呼吸你)
2004 Remember, I Love You 記得我愛你
  1. Remember, I Love You - 記得我愛你 (p=Jì Dé Wǒ Ài Nǐ}})
  2. Your Body Temperature - 你的體温 (p=Nǐ De Tī Wēn}})
  3. Try To Love Me For A Day - 試著愛我一天 (p=Shì Zhe Ài Wǒ Yì Tiān}})
  4. Mama Said - 媽媽説 (p=Mā Mā Shuo}})
  5. How To Forget - 怎麽忘 (p=Zěn Me Wàng}})
  6. Guarantee Of Happiness - 幸福的保證 (p=Xìng Fú De Bǎo Zhèng}})
  7. Why Didn't You Come - 為何你不来 (p=Wéi Hé Nǐ Bú Lái}})
  8. Suddenly - 忽然 (p=Hū Rán}})
  9. Message Of Three Thousand Years - 三千年的留言 (p=Sān Qiān Nián De Liú Yán}})
  10. I Breathe You - 我呼吸你 (p=Wǒ Hū Xī Nǐ}})
2004 Mars Original Television Drama Sountrack 戰神 Let Me Love You - 讓我愛你 duet with Barbie Xu (p=Rang Wǒ Ài Nǐ}}) (Track 2)
2004 百事音樂風雲榜 Just For You
2006 Silence Original Television Drama Sountrack 深情密碼

Familiar Gentleness - 熟悉的温柔 (p=Shou Xi De Wen Rou}}) (Track 1)

2007 I'm Not F4 我不是F4
  1. 我不是F4 (im not f4) -wo bu shi f4
  2. 愛上這世界 (fall in love with this world)-ai shang zhe shi jie
  3. 他是誰 (who is he)-ta shi shei
  4. 完美偶像 (perfect idol)-wan mei ou xiang
  5. 馬賽克 (mask)-ma sai ke
  6. 藍鯨 (blue whale)-lan jin
  7. 愛你恨你 (love you, hate you)-ai ni hen ni
  8. 一加一 (one plus one)-yi jia yi
  9. 有沒友 (have or have not)-you mei you
  10. Missing You
  • I'm not F4 - 我不是F4 written by Jay Chou (周杰倫)Jay Chou
2007 Waiting For You (F4) 在这里等你

Product Endorsements Edit

Year Product Product Category
2001 滴可明雙氧液 Eye Drops
2001 金庸群俠傳網路遊戲/ Chinesegamer On-line Game Online Game
2001 代言卡拉網 Website
2001 代言 Website
2001 西門子手機 Mobile Phone
2002 古道貴爵純真不滅定律奶茶 Beverage, Milk
2002 聯想 Computer
2002 綠飄 Shampoo
2002 名樂球鞋 Apparel
2002 S&K休閒服飾 Apparel
2002 百事可樂 / Pepsi Beverage
2002 Kentex 休閒服飾 Apparel
2003 神之領域 Online Game
2003 Switch Yamaha Motor Cycle
2004 戒菸就贏 Anti-smoking campaign
2004 喔喔奶糖 Candy
2005 Parco (Japan) - 白色情人節 Department Store
2007 台灣觀光 Taiwan Tourism
2007 心路 Charity
2008 Lancome Cosmetics
2008 康師傅茉莉清茶 Beverage
2009 康師傅茉莉清茶 Beverage
2009 Rejoice Shampoo
2009 Sony Camera
2010 Oden Dish

Release of photographic album Edit

He also released a photographic album in October 2002, entitled "Travel Dream" (流浪夢, p=Liú Làng Mèng}}) which contains his pictures shot during one of his trips to Hokkaidō, Japan.

His second photobook entitled 4Faces: Taipei & Tokyo was released in October 2006. It showcased ZaiZai's flexibility in front of the camera. There are 4 themes: Natural Face, Cool Face, Stylish Face and Fashionable Face. The first 2 themes were shot in Taipei while the last 2 themes were shot in Tokyo. This photobook is one of the bestsellers in HMV, a leading music and book store.


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