Template:BLP unsourced Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Vangie Tang Wing-chi (Template:Zh, born 22 May 1983) is a Hong Kong singer. She is a top 8 finalist of the 22nd annual New Talent Singing Awards in 2003. She is signed to Sony Music of Hong Kong since 2004.

She entered the 2003 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship - Hong Kong Regional Finals and became a top 8 finalist. Afterwards, her talents were discovered by C C To (杜自持), and under his tutelage, she was signed to Sony Music.

Her debut album Glass Shoes was released on 3 December 2004. Her second album V2 was released on 8 December 2005. Her third album Summer Never Ends will be release in October 2007.


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