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Tsai Chin (Template:Zh) is a pop and folk singer from Taiwan (her ancestral home is in Hubei). She sings in both Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese Hokkien and is known for her naturally magnetic rich vocals and witty persona. Her well-known hits include Bei yiwang de shiguang (《被遺忘的時光》, The Forgotten Time), Qiashi ni de wenrou (《恰似你的温柔》, Just Like Your Tenderness), Zuihou yi ye (《最後一夜》, The Last Night), Du ni (《讀你》, Reading You), and Ni de yanshen (《你的眼神》, The Spirit of Your Eyes). The peak of her popularity in Taiwan was from the late 1970s to the mid-1990s but she remains popular in China.

References in other mediaEdit

Tsai Chin's song The Forgotten Times features prominently in the 2002 hit Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs and other films in the series. As well as serving to elucidate the theme of the films, the song plays an important plot function in chronologically connecting various elements of the story.

Personal lifeEdit

She was once married to Taiwanese Director Edward Yang. She starred, together with filmmaker Hou Hsiao-hsien, in Yang's 1984 film Taipei Story.


Year Album Label Remarks
April 1979 《出塞曲》 HAI SHAN
May 1981《秋瑾》 HAI SHAN
Sept 1981 《你的眼神》 HAI SHAN
Sept 1982《一千個春天》 四海
Sept 1982《再愛我一次》 HAI SHAN
Nov 1982《藍色的夢》 HAI SHAN
March 1983《不了情》 HAI SHAN
May 1983《昨夜之燈》 HAI SHAN
Nov 1983《世界名曲專輯》 HAI SHAN
April 1984《此情可待》
1986《蔡琴個人演唱會精選》Oct 14-16, 1983 HK AC Hall Concert
March 1986《傷心小站》(HEARTBREAK STATION)
Oct 1986《人生就是戲》(LIFE IS A SHOW) UFO GROUP
Dec 1986《飛向未來》 UFO GROUP
Sept 1987《第一種聲音》 UFO GROUP
Nov 1987《時間的河》 UFO GROUP
Dec 1987《美就是心中有愛》 UFO GROUP 中華民國小姐選拔特別專輯
Dec 1990《回到未來》~國語懷念老歌UFO GROUP
Dec 1990《回到未來》~台語懷念老歌 UFO GROUP
Dec 1991《太陽出來了》 UFO GROUP
July 1992《你不要那樣看著我的眼睛》 波麗佳音
Sept 1993《一曲成名-輝煌時代》 UFO GROUP
Jan 1994《新感情舊回憶》 DIEN JIANG
July 1995《Late Night Show》 DIEN JIANG
Jan 1996《民歌蔡琴》 DIEN JIANG
Feb 1996《情歌蔡琴》 EMI
Junt 1996《飄浪之女》台語專輯 DIEN JIANG
July 1997《Rush》 DIEN JIANG
Feb 1998《答案》 滾石 與萬芳合唱單曲
Sept 1998《原聲帶》 WARNER
Feb 1999《音樂大世紀-歌癮十五年》 UFO GROUP UFO ARTISTS
Sept 1999《精選蔡琴》 EMI
Sept 1999《沒有男人的房子不算家》 WARNER 【天使不夜城】歌舞劇原聲帶
March 2000《機遇》 GODOT THEATRE 【淡水小鎮】原聲帶
June 2000 《To Encounter》 ZRUDEN
Sept 2000《花天走地》 UNIVERSAL
Feb 2001金片子【壹】- 天涯歌女 ZRUDEN
Feb 2001金片子【貳】- 魂縈舊夢 ZRUDEN
July 2001《橘子紅了》 ZRUDEN
Sept 2001《Continue》 ZRUDEN
Jan 2002《蔡琴一起走來香港演唱會Live》 BETTER
Aug 2002《Mesmerized》蔡琴懷舊精選WARNER
Sept 2003《情盡夜上海回憶錄》 GODOT THEATRE 【情盡夜上海】雋永老歌歌舞劇
Feb 2004《Best of The Best》 WARNER
March 2004《抒琴時間》 WARNER
July 2004《Under The Moon Light 2004》 廣州天藝
May 2005《一千個春天》【經典復刻版】
April 2007《不了情2007經典歌曲香港演唱會》 UNIVERSAL
Oct 2007蔡琴《金聲演奏廳》UNIVERSAL



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