Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Toby Jing-Kei Leung is a female Cantopop singer and actress from Hong Kong. She entered the music industry in 2004 when the MusicNationGroup discovered her talent. Together with Macy Chan, Elise Liu (廖雋嘉) and Bella Cheung (張曼伶) they formed the singing group Girl's only Dormitory (女生宿舍) but later broke up. Her father, Tommy Leung, is also the deputy-chief director of drama in TVB, which allowed her to enter the acting career. She recently signed with TVB and became a contracted artist.


TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role Awards Notes
2004 Golden Bug Detectives Academy Toby Online Drama
Sunshine Heartbeat Toby Guest star
2005 The Zone student (ep. 2)<small/>
2006 Men in Pain Ko Fan Nominated – TVB Award for Best Actress
2007 The Drive of Life Wah Ching-lam Nominated – TVB Award for Best Supporting Actress
Nominated – TVB Award for Most Improved Actress
Marriage of Inconvenience Ng Yi Wu-jiu Nominated – TVB Award for Most Improved Actress
2008 The Money-Maker Recipe Mo Ying-shan Nominated – TVB Award for Most Improved Actress
2009 The Threshold of a Persona Chung Chi-yan
In the Chamber of Bliss Mok Ching-yee
2010 Growing Through Life Hoi Mei-sze (Macy) Post-production
TBA Reunion Post-production


Year Title Role Notes
2005 Drink-Drank-Drunk Toby
2006 Confession of Pain policewoman
2007 The Haunted School Ah Sze
2008 True Women for Sale Elaine
2009 Love Connected Vivian
2010 72 Tenants of Prosperity "Ting Tai Phone" mobile store employee



  • 2005年度新城勁爆頒獎禮 - 勁爆新登場女歌手
  • 2005年度RoadShow至尊音樂頒獎禮 - 至尊潛力新人
  • 第二十七屆十大中文金曲頒獎禮 - 最有前途新人獎(組合)銅獎
  • 新城勁爆頒獎禮2004 - 勁爆新人王(組合)
  • 勁歌金曲2004優秀選第二回 - 新星試打
  • Yahoo!搜尋人氣大獎2004 - 演藝新力軍組別
  • 廣州電台2004年金曲金榜頒獎晚會 - 港台金曲獎「全女打」,新登場女組合大獎
  • PM第三屆樂壇頒獎禮 - PM火熱概念組合新人獎
  • PM第三屆人氣歌手奪標頒獎禮 - PM新進閃爍女子組合
  • 2004年音樂先鋒榜 - 廣東最受歡迎女子組合獎金獎


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