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Tats Lau Yee-Tat (Template:Zh; born 23 February 1963) is a songwriter, musician and comedy actor in Hong Kong.

Music career Edit

At early 1980s, Tats Lau has been active in Hong Kong independent music scene has established several underground bands including DLLM and OEO (Oriental Electric Orchestra, which Tats Lau has admitted that the band imitates YMO).

Tats Lau reached his musical career climax while he established classic Cantopop duo Tat Ming Pair with Anthony Wong Yiu Ming. Tats Lau is the chief music composer and instrumentalist in Tat Ming Pair while Anthony Wong is the lead singer. Unlike other Canotpop musicians in the same generation, Tats Lau has strong influence of Synthpop music from UK. Tat Ming Pair, along with Beyond and Tai Chi, eventually became one of the most important music groups in Hong Kong history.

After the disband of Tat Ming Pair, Tats Lau has formed several music groups such as Tats Lau and Dream (劉以達與夢), Tats Lau Government School (劉以達官立小學) and 達與璐. However, those groups only enjoy limited success in comparison with Tat Ming Pair. In 2009, Tats Lau formed the new band LOVE MISSION, and the other members are Charis Chung (鍾凱瑩, vocal), Rita Ip (古惑貓, keyboard + background vocal), Man Kit Wong (黃文傑,bass + background vocal),Anson Tang (鄧應祈, drums).

Film Score Composer Edit

At 1990s, Tats Lau is an active film score composer. He has collaborated with director Clara Law and won the Best Original Film Score awards (shared with Wai Kai Leung) in both Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Film Festival by participating Clara Law's Temptation of a Monk.

Filming career Edit

For the younger generation, Tats Lau would be more famous for his performance in many comedy films by Stephen Chow such as God of Cookery, Forbidden City Cop and many other Hong Kong comedy films.

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