Sweety is a Mandopop band from Taiwan, a duo consisting of Esther Liu (劉品言; Liú Pǐnyán}}; colloquially known as 言言 Yan Yan) (born August 8, 1988) and Joanne Tseng (sometimes transliterated as Joanne Zeng or Joanne Zheng; 曾之喬; Zēng Zhīqiáo}}; colloquially known as 喬喬 Chiao Chiao) (born November 17, 1988).

As of 2006, Sweety has released three studio albums and two soundtracks. The duo was formed in 2003 when Esther and Joanne were only 14 years old.

Both members of the band are also actresses. Esther Liu starred as the lead actress in, respectively, Green Forest, My Home (綠光森林 Lǜ Guāng Sēn Lín)with Leon Jay Williams and Ethan Ruan and The Magicians of Love (愛情魔髮師 Ài Qíng Mó Fǎ Shī),where both Esther and Joanne as the Lead Characters. the shows are both dramas.


Hi! Sweety (released on January 8, 2003) -->
17 Years Old, Not Delicate (17歲X不溫柔) (released on June 17, 2005)
Sweet Talk Vol. 3 (花言喬語) (released on June 23, 2006)


We'll Go on the Stage (released on February 14, 2003) -->
Green Forest, My Home (綠光森林 Lǜ Guāng Sēn Lín) (September 9, 2005)

TV programmesEdit

Westside Story (西街少年) 2003 - Esther (言言)

Top on the Forbidden City (紫禁之巅) 2004 - Joanne (喬喬)

Xian Jian Qi Xia Zhuan aka. Chinese Paladin (仙劍奇俠傳) 2004 - Esther (言言) & Joanne (喬喬) as guest-star

Mr. Fighting (格鬥天王) 2005 - Joanne (喬喬) and Esther (言言)

Green Forest, My Home (綠光森林) 2005 - Esther (言言)

The Magicians of Love (愛情魔髮師) 2006 - Joanne (喬喬) and Esther (言言)

Mean Girl Ah Chu (惡女阿楚) 2007 - Joanne (喬喬)

The Sun's Daughter (太陽的女兒) 2007 - Joanne (喬喬) as guest-star

Liao Zhai 2 - Fen Die (聊斋2-粉蝶) 2007 - Esther (言言)

Dreams Link (又見一簾幽夢) 2007 - Joanne (喬喬)

Ai Qing, Liang Hao San Huai (愛情,兩好三壞) 2007 - Joanne (喬喬)


Esther (言言) website: Gaiaonline: Esther_Liu

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