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Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Steven Cheung Chi-hang (born November 10, 1984) is a Hong Kong singer and actor. Steven Cheung was a member of the Cantopop duo, Sun Boy'z from 2002–2006, where William Chan joined in and the group was renamed Sun Boy'z. It was officially disbanded in December, 2008.


Early life and careerEdit

Cheung was born and raised in Hong Kong to a Dutch mother and a Chinese father.Template:Citation needed

Cheung never had academic talent. He fared badly in school and repeated the same grade level three times before dropping out. He and younger brother Ryan Chung became models for Jamcast under the influence of their sister, Jan Chung. He was later accepted into Emperor Entertainment Group, while Jan Chung became a member of the music duo Krusty. Template:Citation needed

Cheung began his career in the entertainment industry as one-half of the duo Boy'Z with Kenny Kwan in 2002-2005. When Kwan left Boy'Z in January 2005, Chung continued the duo with Dennis Mak. In June 2006, William Chan joined Boy'Z and the group was renamed as Sun Boy'z (With "Sun" being a parody of the Cantonese pronunciation of "new"). Chung continued to lead the group until it was disbanded in 2008.Template:Citation needed

In 2003, Cheung started filming movies with Kenny Kwan and has appeared in a string of low budget movies including, The Death Curse, Bug Me Not!, The Haunted School and A Chinese Tall Story.Template:Citation needed

In 2009, Cheung and Kenny Kwan started collaborating again under the name Boy'Z.Template:Citation needed


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Television seriesEdit


As Boy'Z:


  • LaLa 世界
  • LaLa 世界 (第二版)
  • 一起喝采
  • A Year to Remember (AVEP)


  • A Year To Remember (3rd Version)
  • Boy'zone 男生圍
  • Boy'zone (Version 2)
  • Boy'z Can Cook
  • Joy to the World Christmas Hits (Box Set with Twins, Yumiko Cheng and Isabella Leong)


  • 星Mobile超時空接觸演唱會
  • 八星報囍賀賀囍 (CD with Twins, Yumiko Cheng, Isabella Leong, Deep Ng and Don Li)


  • Sun Boy'z - Sun Boy'z (EP)
  • Say Goodbye [Isabella Leong ft. Steven Cheung]


  • Sun Boy'z - All For 1
  • Sun Boy'z - First Date (初次約會)


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