Template:Cleanup Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Shawn Yue Man-Lok is an actor/singer based in Hong Kong. A former model, he has starred in many Cantonese movies such as Jiang Hu and Infernal Affairs II and has established himself as a recognized face in Hong Kong cinema.

Background Edit

Branded as the next "Nicholas Tse", Shawn Yue was born and raised in Hong Kong. Spotted at an early age on the streets of Hong Kong by agents of the famous Hong Kong modelling agency Starz People and began his modelling on a part time basis. Once he graduated from Form 6, he immediately endulged into full-time modeling. He has since modeled for Giordano, Sony, Timberland, Gillette, Meko and is currently a spokesmodel for Shiseido Pureness and Coca-Cola China.

From modelling to acting Edit

Being a full time model for several years, Shawn Yue turned his career and headed for the HK entertainment industry. From there, he starred in several movies and gained fame from his first role in Leaving Sorrowly (2001). 2005 was also a great year for Shawn Yue who portrayed Takeshi Nakazato in the movie Initial D. According to the latest media release, Shawn Yue only appeared for less than half an hour in the movie. However, despite the short appearance, his portrayal of Nakazato managed to leave a deep impression and impact on a lot of the viewers’ hearts, especially in Japan, where this has resulted directly in many new Japanese fans in Yue and a new lucrative market has been opened for Yue to conquer. Yet already being quite successful, Shawn Yue has also released four albums, the first being in 2002. He even advertised with Japanese music superstar Ayumi Hamasaki recently, and starred with her in her two PVs, "GLITTER" and "FATED", which are actually part of the short film "Distance Love".

Filmography Edit

Discography Edit

  • Private Room (2002)
  • Lost And Found (2003)
  • Survivor (2004)
  • Whether Or Not (2005)


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