Template:Cleanup Template:Confusing Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Sammy Leung Chi Kin is a popular DJ/MC/actor in Hong Kong's Commercial Radio.

On 4 December 2008 at his age of 35 in one of his radio show at FM 903 (架勢堂) he mentioned that he has changed his age to 25 years old, which explains the change that has been made to his birth year to 1983.

Life and careerEdit

Sammy Leung tried out to become a DJ for Commercial Radio when he was studying at the New Asia College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. At the time, he was working part-time. However Sammy became a DJ and took the name Kelvin at first. Then he used his own English name and converted it to a Chinese translation as his DJ name. From that day, he was called Sammy (森美).

A few years later in his DJ career, he was paired with Kitty Yuen Pui Yi (Also known as Yuen Siu Yi or Siu Yi) and continue their partnership till today.

One of Sammy's radio shows that is not hosted with Siu Yi is Sammy Moving. It has other hosts, Leo Chim, Ah So, Marco, and later on Seven Luk (Chan Keung).

Sammy co-hosted the show Minutes to Fame (Season 3) with Miriam Yeung.

Sammy starred in a Hong Kong movie Breeze of July with Monie Tung in 2007. It was the Opening Film of the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2007.

In 2008, Sammy starred in his own talk show, titled "The Show Must Go Wrong" at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre's Star Hall. As of 2008 he was the primary spokesperson for the Vita Green product Vita Hair.

2006 Radio controversyEdit

Sammy was reprimanded in 2006 by Commercial Radio Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Government over an online poll that was organized by his show. The poll, titled "The female artist whom you want to sexually harass the most", created an enormous furore. As a result, CRHK was fined a hefty sum by the government and Sammy was suspended from his radio show for 2 months, during which he could not take up any paid jobs but instead had to attend to classes on media ethics. His role as the host on TVB's 15/16 quiz show was also revoked.

After the incident, Sammy was even more popular than before because his fans appreciated what he had done to overcome the obstacles. Kitty Yuen and Sammy dedicated their annual theatrical show (this year it was called the Big Nose)to this topic. They claimed that they had learned a lot from the mistakes they had made, and they were grateful that they received a great deal of fan, friend and family support.


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