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Robert Lee (Template:Zh; born 1943 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong musician and younger brother of martial artist Bruce Lee.


Lee's father, Lee Hoi-chuen (李海泉), a leading Cantonese opera and film actor of the 1940s was Chinese, and his mother, Grace Ho (何愛瑜) was of half German and half Chinese ancestry.[1][2] He is also the father of Clarence Lee Ka Ho.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

Lee is the founder of a popular Hong Kong beat band called The Thunderbirds. The Thunderbirds were a beat group similar to and on the same Hong Kong / Macao musical scene as Danny Diaz & The Checkmates, Zoundcrakers, Anders Nelson & The Inspiration, D'Topnotes and Teddy Robin & The Playboys [9] He founded the group in 1966 and quickly became famous in Hong Kong.[10][11][12] A few singles mostly or all were sung in English. Also released was Lee singing a duet with Irene Ryder.[13]

He later moved to Los Angeles in the United States and stayed with his older brother Bruce. After Bruce Lee's death he released an album dedicated to him called The Ballad Of Bruce Lee. A single of the same title was also released.[14]



  • Ballad Of Bruce Lee - Sunrise 906 - 1974 (USA)
  • Irene Ryder & Robert Lee - Baby baby / You put me down - HK Columbia CHK-1028 - 196?


  • The Thunderbirds & The Nautics - ECHK 513 - 196?


  • Ballad Of Bruce Lee - Sunrise LP-R905 - 1974 (USA)


  • Various Artists: Uncle Ray's Choice - Baby Baby - Irene Ryder & Robert Lee (1968)- EMI - 2003


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