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Rio Peng was a member of 5566 under Jungiery.

He once got a serious back-injury while filming a variety show, promoting for 5566's concert. It's a permanent damage. So 5566 decided to spend the money they got from that concert for Rio's operation. For the back operaion he had to go to America. He came back to Taiwan, when 5566 was doing their second Album. This is the second Album of him being part of 5566.

He eventually left 5566, forming his own management company, Corvette Entertainment (the name Corvette was later abandoned in 2006 in favour of Wingman Entertainment.

Rio Peng, with his company, formed the 5-man dance group K One. However, K One did not do well with their first album; a very likely reason is that Peng did not wish to involve his own artistes with 5566, hoping that K One would make a name for themselves. Another possible reason is that there was already another popular dance group, Energy, in existence; due to this, few people were excited about the arrival of K One. However, Peng ultimately did place K One with Jungiery the following year.

Television Series Edit

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