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René Liu (Template:Zh), born June 1, 1969, is a Taiwanese actress and singer. She is the first to win Best Actress awards at the Asia Pacific Movie Festival in both television and film productions. She has several albums out including "I'm Fine" (wo hen hao) (我很好)[1]


1995: 少女小渔的美丽与哀愁 1995: 雨季; Rainy Season 1996: 到处乱走; Walk around  1998: 很爱很爱你; love you so much 2000: 我等你; I'll wait for you 2001: 年华; Time 2001: 收获; Gain 2002: Love and the City 2003: 滚石香港黄金十年:刘若英精选 2003: 我的失败与伟大 2004: 《20.30.40爱得精采》电影原声带 2004: 听说?; Heard? 2005: 一整夜; One whole night    2007: 《生日快乐》电影原声带    2008: Rene   2008: 我很好; I'm fine   2008: 《一个好爸爸》电影原声带    2010: 在一起; Together


[2] [3]

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