Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Paula Tsui Siu-fung is a famous Cantopop singer in Hong Kong. She has been affiliated with the TVB television station until the mid-1990s but has performed for Asia Television Ltd. on several occasions since 1995.

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According to Guinness World Records in 2003, Tsui's Amway Paula Tsui in Concert 1992 holds the record for the most number of "single event" concerts in a continuous period (43 concerts in 37 days) in Asia.Template:Citation needed She gave another series of concerts at the same venue, the Hong Kong Coliseum in summer 2005.

Tsui is noted for the voluminous gowns she wears for concert appearances.

Personal life Edit

Tsui was married to controversial Hong Kong radio host and legislator Albert Cheng between 1975 and 1979. The marriage was then a secret and not known to the public until the early 1990s. Tsui was then already a renowned singer, while Cheng was still relatively unknown at that time.

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