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Pan Mei Chen (潘美辰) is a Taiwanese pop star. Her recording career started in 1987, and she has produced many albums over the years. Her talents range from songwriting to playing various instruments to performing. She has also appeared in many music videos. She is popular not only in her native country but in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Chinese communities in Singapore, Malaysia, and other parts of Southeast Asia.

She was born on June 30, 1969. Her favorite band is Guns N' Roses. Growing up, she had a reputation as a tomboy. Throughout her life, she has enjoyed sports such as swimming, bowling, and rifle shooting.

After the Chi-Chi Earthquake in Taiwan in 1999 which not only killed many people but left countless people homeless, Pan Mei Chen recorded the hit song "I Want a Home" to raise awareness of much that needed to be done.

In 2002, Pan Mei Chen opened a musical academy in Tai Zhong. The academy teaches music not only as an art but as a platform for a career in entertainment.


Pan Mei Chen has won numerous awards over the years.

  • In 1987, Her debut creative song "悔(REGRETS)" won the 1st Taiwan Youth Creative Folk Contest.
  • In 1988, she won the Best New Singer Award of the Year of Tai Wan from the Zhong Shi Evening News.
  • In 1989, she was voted the Most Popular Female Singer by local magazines in Singapore and Malaysia.
  • In 1990, "I WANT A HOME" won the Best Song Award of the Year of the 1st Golden Melody Awards.
  • In 1991, she won the Best Singer Award by CCTV Energetic 28, being the first Taiwan singer to secure the Award.
  • In 1994, she took the Top Ten Idol Award of the Year, ranked 5th and being the only female singer in the list.
  • In 1994, she was nominated as' the Most Popular Female Singer' in the 2nd <933 Golden Melody Awards, Singapore>.
  • In 1996, the album named "THE TRUE PAN MEI CHEN" was nominated as“The Best Album of the Year”in Golden Melody Awards .

She has won many other award and honors.

Though her career has waned since the late 1990s, she released a CD in 2003 and 2006.Template:Taiwan-singer-stub


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