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Ocean Ou De Yang (Template:Zh), real name Shen Yi-Tseng (沈益嶒), is a Mandarin singer about whom little is known. He had hidden his face for over two years, using computer-generated 3D models for all his album covers and music videos. He used to be part of a now defunct three-man band called Y.I.Y.O.

Ocean finally revealed his face on November 3, 2005 in a live concert in Singapore. Many have criticized his looks, but others believe that his voice is good enough to make it up for them.When Ou De Yang first started singing,his most famous song was Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu (Lonely Northern Hemisphere), when singing that song,he started becoming famous and popular around the world and internet. His voice has a unique sound which make people like him when he started singing for the first time.Template:Weasel-inline The secret of him not revealing his face for 2 years is that his father doesn't allow him to do so.Template:Citation needed


  • 2003 November - 北半球有歐得洋
  • 2005 May 26- 看見六色彩虹
  • 2005 有故事的人
  • 2007 July 22 101封情书
  • 2009 April 24 起飞 EPTemplate:Taiwan-singer-stub


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