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Nancy Wu Ding Yan (Template:Zh)(born September 9, 1981) is a Chinese actress contracted to TVB. In 1999, she participated in TVB's 18th Annual New Talent Singing Awards competition and finished in the top four. In 2001, she entered TVB's 3rd Annual Cover Girl Competition and won the Most Photogenic Award, the Most Fit Award, the Most Attractive Award, and the Overall Winner Award. Following that, she enrolled in the 18th TVB Acting Class and entered the entertainment industry.

Along with nine other TVB artists, Wu went to Hunan in April 2008 to participate in the show Strictly Come Dancing - Season Two. She became the first participant of the show to achieve full marks in her individual dance. She also achieved full marks twice in the dance with her partner, Nathan Lee. Nancy and her partner were the favourites to win but came third place in the competition. Due to the number of full marks achieve in the competition, Nancy was given the title "Full Marks Dance Queen". Strictly Come Dancing - Season Two also brought Nancy a lot of functions regarding dance, and because of this colleagues in TVB have given her a nickname "TVB Dance Girl".

At the 2008 TVB Anniversary Awards, she won the Most Vastly Improved Actress Award based on Wars of In-Laws II, D.I.E, The Silver Chamber of Sorrows, Legend of the Demigods and Strictly Come Dancing - Season Two. The Silver Chamber of Sorrows also brought Nancy normination in the Best Supporting Actress of that year.


TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2003Point of No ReturnGuest
Aqua HeroesNurse
The 'W' FilesTrain Passenger
Virtues Of HarmonyObese Lady
Life Begins at FortyTutor Worker
Seed of HopeNurse
Not Just A Pretty FaceAnn
Find The LightSiu Yu
Triumph in the SkiesCoco
2004The Legend of LoveThird Fariy
Riches and StitchesDancer
Twin of BrothersWan Wan
2005The ZoneLau Mei Mei
Lost in the Chamber of LoveCheung Nim Wai
Revolving Doors Of VengeanceMaria
When Rules Turn LooseCheung Lai Kei
2006Welcome to the HouseTong Tong(Sugar)
Love GuaranteedJulie
At Home With LoveCindy
2007Ten BrothersYeun Tong Tong
Face to FateSum Kong Hung
Phoenix RisingYip Zi San
2008Wars of In-Laws IIIris Most Vastly Improved Actress Award
D.I.EMomoko Most Vastly Improved Actress Award
The Silver Chamber of SorrowsHa Fei Fei Most Vastly Improved Actress Award
Best Supporting Actress Nomination (Top 5)
Legend of the DemigodsKa Lau Lo/Mok Che Most Vastly Improved Actress Award
2009The Winter Melon TaleFok Sze Sze
A Bride for a RideWong Sau Ying
Rosy BusinessSun Hoi Tong Best Supporting Actress Nomination (Top 15)
D.I.E. IIMomoko
A Chip Off the Old Block
Leung Peen Peen
2010 A Fistful of Stances Chow Bing-bing
TBA Gun Metal Grey
Rosy Business: Righteous Sea of Heroic Love

Awards and nominationsEdit

  • 2000: 《TVB Magazine 3rd Annual CoverGirl Competition》「Mei Bo Lin Most Attractive Award」
  • 2000: 《TVB Magazine 3rd Annual CoverGirl Competition》「Nikon Most Photogenic Award」
  • 2000: 《TVB Magazine 3rd Annual CoverGirl Competition》「California Fitness Most Fit Award」
  • 2000: 《TVB Magazine 3rd Annual CoverGirl Competition》「Overall Winner Award」
  • 2006: 《TVB Magazine Most Popular Award 2006》「Travel Artiste Award」
  • 2006: 《TVB Anniversary Awards》 Top 20 Best Supporting Actress Nomination (At Home With Love)
  • 2007: 《TVB Anniversary Awards》 Most Vastly Improved Actress Nomination (Top 10)
  • 2008: 《Strictly Come Dancing - Season II》「Third」
  • 2008: 《TVB Anniversary Awards》 Popular Artist (Top 2)
  • 2008: 《TVB Anniversary Awards》 Top 5 Best Supporting Actress Nomination (The Silver Chamber of Sorrows)
  • 2008: 《TVB Anniversary Awards》 Most Vastly Improved Actress Award

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