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Mi Lu Bing 迷路兵}} , is a Singapore based rock band who rose to fame after winning Season 1 of the local music competition SuperBand. The band is made up of the 3members namely Chan WeiQi, Nicodemus Lee(Nic) and Samuel Wong(Sam). So far till now, MiLuBing is still only a part time singer who has successfully released 3albums. As childhood friends the three boys formed the band Milubing 迷路兵 and took part in a nationwide competition, Channel U's Superband, and emerged as champions for that first season. Since then, they made countless TV and outdoor performances. After being crowned the champions, Keyboardist Weiqi was enrolled in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The guitarist who is also the lead singer, Nic had his National Service enlistment deferred for the preparation of their debut album and because of Nic's enlistment, the release of MiLuBing's debut album was delayed.


Nic LeeEdit

Name:Nicodemus Lee(李顺利)
Born on 8 October 1984(age 26)
Being the guitarist of MiLuBing, itis no surprise that his passion for guitar started when he was only a 6 year old boy whose palms were too small to even have a full grasp of the instrument. Through secondary school, 30 minute recesses meant precious jamming sessions despite having to lug the instrument to school. In 2005, he emerged winner for Original Composition at the annual nation-wide talent competition, Talent Quest; prominent names from the competition include Maia Lee (Singapore Idol Top 5), Kelly Phoon & Candyce Toh (Channel U’s Project Superstar). He gave up a place in Diploma in Engineering Informatics for the closest to music production(and his [passion),and got a Diploma in Audio Engineering at School of Audio Engineering (SAE). For now, besides being a part-time singer, he has also joined partnership with fellow friends and co-opened Echomusic school with 2 branches in Singapore( main branch in Buigs and second branch which officially opened in 2009 at Chinatown.)

Sam WongEdit

Name:Samuel Wong Rui Xiang(王瑞祥)
Born on 17 October 1986(age 24)
Graduated from St. Andrews' Secondary, Sam enlisted into the army immediately and then went on to strive for his passion in music. He plays the drums in the band and when drums isn't needed, he'll play the guitar with Nic during performances. Currently a freelance drums instructor.

Wei QiEdit

Name: CHan Wei Qi(陈伟奇)
Born on 31 January 1985(age 25)
Keyboardist WeiQi, started his first piano lesson at the age of 3. Being able to play well on the piano/keyboard, he is also the top student in the band. From CCH(main) to JC and now in NTU(graduating in March2010). Looking at him and you'll see him as a shy boy who probably can only play only the piano/keyboard and the quiet kind. But never would you expect that he is an awesome beat-boxer. Starting to open up, 3rd album song, Eating the Universe, Wei Qi had a solo part where all fans went "WOW!" as WeiQi had a nice voice that fans hadn't heard as he had mainly been singing together with the other members and at a very low volume.


Several popular guitars were noticed to be used by the group during their performance, especially Gibson's Les Paul, Line 6's electric guitar.


Singapore Hit Awards 2007《新加坡金曲奖 2007》:

  • Won Best Newcomer Award 最佳新人奖
  • Nominated for Most Popular Newcomer 提名最受欢迎新人
  • Nominated for Most Popular Group 提名最受欢迎团体
  • Nominated for Best Composer 提名最佳本地作词《泪》
  • Nominated for Best Local Singer 提名最佳本地歌手奖
  • Nominated for Best Band 提名最佳乐团奖

Champion of SuperBand 2006 《非常SuperBand》冠军


To date,Mi Lu Bing released 3 albums and involved in 6 compilation albums :


Album # Album Information
1st 迷路兵
(迷路兵) Mi Lu Bing (迷路兵)
2nd 三角行
(迷路兵) Mi Lu Bing (迷路兵)
3rd 三人套餐
(迷路兵) Mi Lu Bing (迷路兵)
  • Released: 9 November 2009 (Singapore)
  • Language: Mandarin Chinese
  • Label: Dragon One Entertainment
  • Genre: Mandopop

Compilation albumsEdit

1. Best Of 非常 Superband
2. December Stars 2006
3.《群星贺岁 金猪庆丰年》
4. December Stars 2007
5. 星光大道
7.《群星贺岁 福牛迎瑞年》

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