M.I.C. (or MIC男团) is a Chinese idol group, with 5 members, form by and under the management of Taihe Rye Music. M.I.C. stands for 'Made In China'.

TRMusic picked 50 kids (out of thousands) aged 15-17 to go to Beijing and train, eliminating a few each week. Finally, after three years, the group MIC was formed with 6 members, with a long-term investment of millions including choreographers for American artists like Madonna. The group consists of Wang Hao, Zhao Yongxin, Xiao Shunyao (YaoYao), Tan Jianci, and Chi Yuehan. Cui Lujia (崔鲁佳) left the group before debut in 2009 for unknown reasons.

MIC has risen up to become a top-ranked idol group with all-rounded talent aspects and high popularity. M.I.C made a commercial to the Chinese market with Korean girl idol group f(x), for LG’s Lollipop Cellphone M.I.C also participated on the show Migu Star Academy, winning the show in March 2010.

In 2011 M.I.C. were in a show called "Let's Shake It" They've gotten to interact with the other Idol Group Hit-5 through an interview for "Let's Shake It" In 2012 December 28th M.I.C. held their first concert at Beijing Worker's Indoor Arena. The concert was named 'X-Party'


Wang Hao (王浩)

Zhao Yongxin (赵泳鑫)

  • Date of birth: 25 August
  • Birthplace: Kunming, Yunnan, China
  • Height: 181cm
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Ethnic: Yi

Tan Jianci (檀健次)

Chi Yuehan (池约翰)

Xiao Shunyao (肖顺尧)



Mini album · 12 October, 2010 · 5 tracks

Album · 11 November, 2011 · 10 tracks

Album · 14 August, 2012 · 3 tracks

Album · 25 June, 2013 · 11 tracks

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