Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Louis Koo Tin-Lok, born 21 October 1970 in Hong Kong is a Chinese actor. He was once a notable local TV drama series actor, winning TVB's Best Actor award in 1999 for Detective Investigation Files IV. In recent years, he has focused on film. Louis has become one of the more famous actors of the Hong Kong film industry, and a spokesman for Pepsi, Osim, Tag Heuer, Lotte, Zero Eyewear, Lay's, and other Chinese products.


Before entering showbiz, Louis Koo spent 22 months in jail for robbery. Koo did not have a proper education and decided to enter showbiz afterwards. Koo began his career as a fashion model and a karaoke MTV actor before becoming a contract artist with TVB in 1993. Since then he has starred in many popular drama series and commercials which raised his popularity to new heights in recent years. Ever since he changed his image by getting an extreme tan (which he is well known for), his career gained a huge boost. His distinctive style has captivated audiences of all ages. In 1999, Louis was honoured with TVB's Most Popular Male Artist Award for Detective Investigation Files IV. In 2001, Louis was given the award once again for A Step into the Past and also the Most Stylish Personality Award and Men of Power 2001.

Koo also starred in various TVB television dramas, most notably The Condor Heroes 95 (1995); Detective Investigation Files IV (1999); and A Step into the Past (2001). From the cool, aloof character that he had always been cast, he took a different character in A Step Into the Past. This deviation from the cool and aloof character to a funnier, carefree and down-to-earth one opened his career to an extensive list of romantic comedy movies that now have a distinctive Louis Koo element. His silent and sincere attitude, and his devotion to his family, makes his characters more convincing, and thus earns him a wide range of fan base. He further sang a couple of theme song for the television series that he played in. Besides that, he also has various other songs. A notable one is the album "Mr.Cool".

The 2007 film, Happy Birthday, introduced a sensitive character portrayed by Louis Koo. What sets this movie apart from his other romantic movies is the serious tone between dialogues. This is another first in Louis Koo's film career, that is to portray a sensitive man sans the comical gestures he has always done in past romantic comedies.

His most recent screen character as a drug addict in Protégé transcended from his usual charm and wit performances, as he attempted to forego his hunky image. Little screen time did not stop him to successfully achieve this role, and thus earned him positive feedback tucked under his belt.

Koo later received international acclaim for his performance in Election 2 (aka Triad Election), which was screened during the Out of Competition section at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.

He won the award for Most Beloved Actor in the Hong Kong UA Film Awards 2006 through public voting for his role in Election 2.


He is an alumnus of St. Teresa's School Kowloon.



Year Title Hong Kong Film Awards
2011 Mr. and Mrs. Incredible
2010 The Road Less Traveled
Triple Tap
All's Well, Ends Well 2010
2009 Overheard
Poker King
On His Majesty Secret Service
All's Well, Ends Well 2009
2008 Connected
Run Papa Run Best Actor Nomination
2007 Flash Point
Protégé Best Supporting Actor Nomination
Happy Birthday
2006 Rob-B-Hood
Dragon Tiger Gate
Election 2
2005 Election
2004 Throw Down
Love on the Rocks
2003 Lost in Time
Naked Ambition
Good Times, Bed Times
Why Me, Sweetie?!
Love for All Seasons
2002 Mighty Baby
Women From Mars
Dry Wood, Fierce Fire
Fat Choi Spirit
The Lion Roars
2001 La Brassiere
The Legend of Zu
Born Wild
2000 Conman in Tokyo
Troublesome Night 7
For Bad Boys Only
1999 The Masked Prosecutor
Century of the Dragon
Bullets Over Summer
Super Car Criminals
Rules of the Game
Troublesome Night 6
Troublesome Night 5
1998 Troublesome Night 4
The Suspect
Troublesome Night 3
1997 Troublesome Night 2
Troublesome Night
Sealed with a Kiss
1996 Street of Fury
On Fire
Those Were The Days
1994 Let's Go Slam Dunk

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