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Louis Cheung (born January 11, 1980) is a Hong Kong Cantopop recording-artist ,songwriter and actor. He has written many songs for other famous cantopop singers, such as Eason Chan, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee, Eric Suen, and Joey Yung. He is married to Kay Tse.

Awards Edit

  • 2008 Metro Hit Music Awards: 循環線 was a song composed by Louis himself which won the newly composed award #1.
  • Commercial Radio Hong Kong - 2007 Ultimate (Chik Chak) Best composer award (叱咤樂壇作曲人 大獎)
  • Commercial Radio Hong Kong - 2007 Ultimate (Chik Chak) Producer/singer silver award (叱咤唱作人銀獎)

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