Template:Chinese-name Liu Yifei ((劉亦菲; 刘亦菲}}) (born August 25, 1987), also known as Crystal Liu, is a Chinese actress and singer. Her legal name is Liu Ximeizi ((劉茜美子; 刘茜美子}}). The "茜" (Xi) is from the German film Sissi (Chinese translation 茜茜公主—hence the pronunciation of xi not qian; her mother calls her Xixi).[1]

Early life and educationEdit

Born in Tongji Hospital in Hubei, she was originally named An Feng ((安風; 安风}}).[2] She is the only child of An Shaokang (安少康), a 1st Secretary in the Chinese Embassy in France and French language university professor, and Liu Xiaoli (刘晓莉), a dancer and a stage performer. Her parents divorced when she was 7 years old and she was raised solely by her mother. That same year, she changed her name to Liu Ximeizi (劉茜美子) and began modelling, along with training in singing, dancing and playing the piano. She is very close to Chen Jinfei (陈金飞), her godfather.[3][4]

When she was 11 years old, Liu and her mother moved to New York City, where she attended Louis Pasteur Middle School 67.[5] Returning to China in 2002 to pursue an acting career, she began to be known as Liu Yifei (刘亦菲). Several weeks later, Liu was accepted into the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy at the age of 15, where she graduated from in 2006.


Immediately following her admittance into Beijing Film Academy, Liu received offers to star in various television drama serials. Her first role on television was in The Story of a Noble Family. Shortly after, she was chosen to play the role of Wang Yuyan in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, an adaptation of Louis Cha's Wuxia novel of the same name. Initially, Liu Tao was selected for the role of Wang Yuyan but it went to Liu Yifei eventually and Liu Tao was cast as A'zhu instead.

In 2006, Liu starred in another TV series adaptation of Louis Cha's Wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes. After intense speculation on who would play Xiaolongnü, the role was finally offered to her. She was backed by Cha, who felt that she had all the necessary qualities to play the role of the young and innocent female protagonist.[6] Although the drama serials she has acted in were well-received, the films she starred in did poorly in terms of box office earnings with the exception of The Forbidden Kingdom.

She appeared in Jimmy Lin's music video of the song "I Am Still Waiting For You" (我还在等你) from his 2006 album Can't Stop Me (挡不住我). She has also previously co-starred with him in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and The Love Winner.

In conjunction with her acting career, Liu obtained a recording contract with Sony Music Entertainment Japan in August 2005. She has started studying singing and dancing in Japan since then.[7] She released her first single "Mayonaka no Door" with Sony Music on July 19, 2006. Her song "Mayonaka no Doa" as recorded by Sony Music appeared on television as one of the ending themes to "Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z".

In 2008, she co-starred with martial arts film superstars Jet Li and Jackie Chan in The Forbidden Kingdom, in which she played Golden Sparrow, an orphan seeking revenge against her parents' killer.

In 2010, she has been reported to be filming Lianai Tonggao with Leehom Wang.



Year Title Role Notes
2002 Love of May Zhao Xuan
The Love Winner Jin Qiaoli aka I Love How You Love Me
2006 Abao De Gushi
2008 The Forbidden Kingdom Golden Sparrow
2010 Love In Disguise Song Xiaoqing
2010 A Chinese Ghost Story Nie Xiaoqian

TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2002 The Story of a Noble Family Bai Xiuzhu
2003 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils Wang Yuyan
2004 Chinese Paladin Zhao Ling'er
2005 Doukou Nianhua
2006 The Return of the Condor Heroes Xiaolongnü



Album information Track list Notes
Title: Liu Yifei
Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Hong Kong) Limited
Release date: 5 September 2006
  1. 泡芙女孩
  2. 就要我滋味
  3. 心悸
  4. 幸運草
  5. 放飛美麗
  6. 世界的秘密
  7. 一克拉的眼淚
  8. 做你的秒鐘
  9. 毛毛雨
  10. 愛的延長賽
Chinese album
Title: All My Words
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Release date: 8 September 2006
  1. 真夜中のドア
  2. 恋する週末
  4. 愛のミナモト
  5. どこまでも ひろがる空に向かって
  6. テノヒラノカナタ
  7. My sunshiny day
  8. 世界の秘密
  10. 月の夜
  11. スピード
  12. Pieces of my words ~言の花~
Japanese album


Information Track list Notes
Title: Mayonaka no door
Label: Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Release date: 19 July 2006
  1. 真夜中のドア
  2. brightly
  3. 真夜中のドア (Instrumental)
  4. brightly (Instrumental)
Japanese album


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