Jeno Liu Liyang (previously as Jade; 刘力扬|刘力扬]]|t=劉力揚; Liú Lìyáng; born October 24, 1982 in Beijing) first found popularity in the third season (2006) of a singing contest in China, Super Girls (Chinese: 超级女声) or Super Voice Girl. Polling over 350 thousand votes, she emerged as the champion of the Guang Zhou district competition. Being one of the favourites to claim the top three spots during the nationals, she was crowned 2nd runner up. Her charismatic personality and androgynous looks, paired with a soulful vocal, has won her a lot of fans, who are known as 'Li Zi' (Chinese:栗子, English: Chestnut), derived from her middle name 'Li'(力). On January 4, 2008, she joined HIM International Music.[1]


2006: Super Girl competition Edit

Performances in Super Girl competitionEdit

LocationRound Song Original Artist
广州 海选进50 It's Your Chance Tanya Chua 蔡健雅
50进20 Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
20进10 It's Your Chance Tanya Chua 蔡健雅
10进 7 翅膀之歌 Power Station 动力火车
7进 5 Tell Me Wilber Pan 潘玮柏
爱我别走 Chang Chen-yue 张震岳
决赛 小姑娘
海阔天空 Shin 信乐团
那些花儿 Christine Fan 范玮琪
全国10进8 If Bread
认错 Terry Lin 林志炫
8进6 Fly Me to the Moon Frank Sinatra
Kiss Goodbye 王力宏
6进5 The Game of Love Santana feat. Michelle Branch
追梦人 Feng Fei-Fei 凤飞飞
放我的真心在你的手心 叶欢
5进4 彩云追月
翅膀之歌 Power Station 动力火车
海阔天空 Shin 信乐团
你的样子 Lo Ta-yu 羅大佑
决赛 打错了 Faye Wong 王菲
Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
但愿人长久 Teresa Teng 邓丽君
不知所措 优客李林

In her first advertisement, she broke her leg when performing a stunt and was hospitalised for a few months, putting her budding career on hold. Also because of that, she participated in only one of the six Super Girls 2006 touring concerts. After a speedy recovery, she immediately returned to the recording studio. She is currently on promotional tour for her newly released single, Puppets.

I Am Just What I AmEdit

Received strong reviews on her debut album from music producers such as Bao Xiaobo, Yuan Wenren, Michael Lin, Li Sisong, and Wang Zhiping as well as lyricists Shi Rencheng and Fang Wenshan.



YearMini Album InformationTrack Listing

转寄刘力扬 (Forward)

Release Date: November 6, 2009
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Ballad, Pop
Label: HIM International Music

  1. 礼物 (Present)
  2. 崇拜你 (Adore You)
  3. 一个人就好 (Fine By Myself)
  4. 梅花香 (Scent of Plum Blossom)
  5. 寂寞光年 (Lonely Years)

YearAlbum InformationTrack Listing

我就是這樣 (I Am Who I Am)

Release Date: June 2, 2008
Language: Mandarin
Genre: Ballad, Pop
Label: HIM International Music

  1. 我就是這樣 (I Am Who I Am) - Feat. Tank
  2. 眼淚笑了 (Tears Smile)
  3. 靠不靠譜 (Reliable or Not)
  4. 傳說 (Legend) - Duet with Yoga Lin
  5. 一句一傷 (One Sentence, One Wound)
  6. 拍寫 (Sorry)
  7. 單 (Single)
  8. 死胡同 (Blind Alley)
  9. 我愛你有什麼不對 (What's Wrong With Loving You)
  10. 雨念 (Reminiscing Rain)


YearEP InformationTrack Listing
提线木偶 (Stringed Puppets)

Release Date: August 13, 2007
Label: TianYu

  1. 提线木偶 (Stringed Puppets)
  2. 耶路撒冷 (Jerusalem)
  3. 英雄的呼唤 (The Call of Heros)


YearSong InformationSong Title
2006 Release Date: 2006

Label: TianYu

  1. Rain.布莱梅 (Rain Bremen)


Year Title Role
2008 小家大事 (Family Affairs) Shi Yan
2010 就想賴著妳 (Down With Love) Jin Su Fei


  1. 刘力扬获赠水晶麦克风 与炎亚纶牵手叹"紧张" (Liu Liyang accepts crystal microphone; holding hands with Aaron Yan makes her "nervous"). January 5, 2008. Retrieved January 6, 2008.

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