Li Lingyu (born 9 April 1963, Shanghai) is a Chinese singer and actor.


Li was born in Shanghai in 1963. She is a student of the notable singer Wang Kun.

In 1980 she was admitted to the Beijing Red Flag Yue Opera Company, performing Shaoxing opera. In 1984, she joined the China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe. There she met her first husband and married at the age of 21.[1]

Her first television role was in the 1986 adaptation of Journey to the West. She released her first album in 1987, Sweet Song Queen.[1]

In 1993, she moved to Japan, partly because of marital difficulties, and worked there for two years as an anchorwoman for MTV Japan.[1]

Li migrated to Canada in 1995, married a Canadian investment manager in 1997, and gave birth to a son in 2000.[1]

In 2005 she was appointed a part-time professor at the School of Continuing Education in California.[2] She also returned to singing with a RMB 1 million deal for her successful album Beauty Chant.[1]


  • 1986, Journey to the West as Yu Tujing, including Indian dancing scenes
  • Stories from the Editorial Board as Fei Lili
  • 2004, The Secret History of Xiaozhuan as an imperial concubine
  • The Dream of a Red Mansion
  • Chivalrous Lovers
  • Sister Outlaw
  • The Ninth Unresolved Case
  • 2005, Life Adventure (musical 3-D film) as Yu the Sun Goddess[1]


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