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Leila Tong Ling (born 5 December 1981) is an actress in Hong Kong. She was born into an Indonesian Chinese family. Her birth name is used in her works during her childhood and adolescence.

Career Edit

At the age of 8, Tong made her first film appearance in director John Woo's action-comedy Once A Thief, which was nominated for several categories at the 11th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards. TVB then recruited Tong as a child star, and she has since then appeared in dramas such as The Greed of Man and State of Divinity.

As an adult, she took a three year break from the entertainment circle to attend a designing college. She has declined TVB's offer to personally manage her.

Before 2004, Her popular works include the popular Aqua Heroes and Square Pegs, which also starred Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuen.

In 2004, she was invited to film CCTV's Liao Zhai along with a host of mainland China's rising stars. The show was extremely popular and spun Liao Zhai II. She also filmed Twin of Brothers, alongside with Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung and Li Qian of CCTV. Later that year, she starred in The Last Breakthrough, starring Nick Cheung, Raymond Lam and Sonija Kwok. Although The Last Breakthrough didn't receive good ratings in HK, it is still remembered and favoured by many as one of the most meaningful and touching series TVB ever made.

The modern sequel to Square Pegs, Life Made Simple was filmed with the same cast and released in 2005. At the end of its run, the series became one of the highest rated series of 2005, with Wars of In Laws, which also starred Bosco Wong in it.

Tong has been nominated for TVB's "Most Improved Actress" award consecutively. In 2004, she entered through Aqua Heroes and Square Pegs. Later in 2005, she made it to the top 10 list with both her character as Angel in Life Made Simple, and as Ha Hiu Ching in The Last Breakthrough. Bar Benders was Tong's only series broadcasted in 2006 but turned up on TVB's list of Top Five series of that year.

In 2007, two of her series, Ten Brothers and Family Link have also made it into TVB's five top rated dramas of 2007. Tong also came out of War and Destiny, which was receive with praise and critical acclaim for her performance. She was invited by CCTV to film The Last Princess along with Sammul Chan. The show was received very well in Mainland China. In December, she released her first Mandarin Music Album named "Singing with the Moon" in Beijing.

The following year, in 2008, she filmed The Greatness of a Hero in TVB, starring as Shangguan Wan'er, a well known historic figure. The drama also starred Sunny Chan, Kent Cheng, Bernice Liu and Sonija Kwok. Also, she once again collabrated with Kenneth Ma in a new ancient drama, Man In Charge, alongside with Kate Tsui. On the second time, she also filmed L For Love♥ L For Lies with Stephy Tang and Alex Fong.

Recently, it has been confirmed that she would replace Tavia Yeung's role in A Pillow Case of Mystery II.


Year Album information Additional information
2007 Singing with the Moon《邀月唱》
Release Date: December, 2007


TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role TVB Anniversary Awards Notes
1990 Return to the Truth
Man Man
(雯 雯)
1992 The Greed of Man
Fong Fong
(方 芳)
1993 Racing Peak
Chung Oi-ling
1996 State of Divinity
Cook Fei-yin
2002 Legal Entanglement
Sales in the Candy Shop
A Case of Misadventure
Siu Tuo
(小 桃)
Let's Face It
Ko Ka-lei
Burning Flame II
Chan Siu-lan
Golden Faith
Take My Word For It
Yip Ho-oi
Square Pegs
Ling Choi-deep
Good Against Evil
Lau Fei-fung
Love and Again
Lau Fuo-mei
2003 Find the Light
Siu Sun Zi
Aqua Heroes
Yau Wing
(游 穎)
Vigilante Force
Luk Lai-kun
In the Realm of Fancy
Zi Ye
(紫 衣)
The Legend of Love
Po Hei Yi
2004 Twin of Brothers
Si Fei Huen
The Last Breakthrough
Ha Hiu Ching
Most Improved Actress Nomination
The ICAC Investigations 2004
2005 Liao Zhai
Xiao Xie
(小 謝)
Life Made Simple
On Kei
(安 琪)
Best Supporting Actress Nomination
Ten Brothers
Hung Siu-Lan
Most Improved Actress Nomination
2006 Bar Bender
Tseung Si Ting
Most Improved Actress Nomination
War and Destiny
Cheng Yuet-Fung
Most Improved Actress Nomination
2007 The Family Link
Sue Siu Man
Best Supporting Actress Nomination
Most Improved Actress Nomination
Phoenix Rising
So Fei/Yeung Choi-Lam
(蘇 菲/楊采琳)
(released overseas)
The Last Princess
Lee Hoi Sum
2009 The Greatness of a Hero Shangguan Wan'er
(released overseas)
Man in Charge Chong Siu-Han
Room For Rent
《有房出租 》
RTHK drama
2010 A Pillow Case of Mystery II Luk Siu-dip

Film Edit

Year Title Role Notes
1989 Once a Thief
young Red Bean
1993 City Hunter
Kaori (child)
1996 Those Were the Days
young Minnie Liu
1999 The Boss Up There
Kitty (Fong's deceased girl friend)
2000 An Eye for an Eye
2001 Chinese Heroes
Love is a Butterfly
2002 The Untold Story- Suddenly Vanished
2003 Tragic Room
The Trouble-Makers
2004 Cop Unbowed
Siu Dip
2005 Summer Breeze
2006 Marriage With a Fool
2007 House of the Invisibles
Ghost Plot
2008 L For Love♥ L For Lies
2009 A Very Short Life
Becky Lee

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