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Kwong Wah born 19 November 1962) is a Hong Kong television star currently working for TVB. He is widely known for his portrayals of Chinese historical characters such as Lao Ai (A Step into the Past), Xiang Yu (The Conqueror's Story), Tang Sanzang (Journey to the West), Emperor Tang Xuanzong (The Legend of Lady Yang), Emperor Yongzheng (The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow) and Emperor Qianlong (Happy Ever After).

Kwong had his acting debut in the 1989 film Life Goes On as a cancer patient, which won him the Best New Actor Award in the 9th Hong Kong Film Awards. He then gained wider fame as the monk Tang Sanzang in the TV serial Journey to the West (1996) and its sequel Journey to the West II (1998). After appearing in other dramas such as The Legend of Lady Yang (1999), Crimson Sabre (2001) and A Step into the Past (2001), Kwong Wah reached the peak of his fame as Qing emperor Yongzheng in 2003's The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow. The show gained extremely high ratings and Kwong Wah was acclaimed for his charismatic performance as the emperor who travelled through time to 21st century Hong Kong. Afterwards he has appeared in 2004's The Conqueror's Story.


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