Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Khalil Fong, born July 14, 1983, is a Hawaiian-born, China-raised, Hong Kong-based soul music singer-songwriter signed to the Warner Music label in Hong Kong.


Fong was born in Hawaii and his family moved to Shanghai when he was 6. His father, Les Fong (an American-born Chinese from San Francisco, California), wanted Khalil to learn more about Chinese culture. Six years later, they moved to Guangzhou and lived there for about 2 years. Afterwards, they moved to Hong Kong.

Khalil was self-taught on guitar and piano at the age of 15 and 18 respectively. In the meantime, he started writing songs and sent demos to music producers. When he was 16, he sent demos, which he had written, to music producers. Four years later, Warner Music Hong Kong finally recruited him as their producer. Khalil is a Bahá'í.[1]

In 2005,he had his first CD “Soulboy” released on Warner Records HK label. In December 29, 2006, Khalil released his second album “This Love”(愛愛愛).

Musical influences Edit

His favorite music genres are Soul, Neo-Soul, Jazz, 50's Doowop and Rock.

Musicians that have affected Khalil's songwriting:

  • Singers: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, D'Angelo, Steely Dan, NERD
  • Producers: N.E.R.D, R. Kelly, Babyface
  • Soul singers: Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Earth Wind & Fire
  • Neo-Soul Artistes: D'Angelo, Glenn Lewis, Musiq
  • Jazz Artistes: Bill Evans, Chet Baker, John Coltrane.
  • 50's Artistes: Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, Jackie Wilson

Career Edit

Although based in Hong Kong, his career and popularity grew in Taiwan. This is because his songs are sung in Mandarin rather than Cantonese. When asked, Khalil explained that Mandarin was his second language, next to English, and that he could express himself better in Mandarin rather than Cantonese.

In addition to his own songs, Khalil Fong has also composed songs for other artists in Hong Kong and Taiwan, such as Amei Chang, Eason Chan, Fiona Sit, Andy Lau, and Jacky Cheung.

Albums Edit

Khalil released his first album Soul Boy on September 18, 2005. He has won a number of awards, including a silver award for New Male Artist at Commercial Radio. He released his second album "This Love" in December 2006. It featured one of his more popular song Love Love Love. Love Love Love wasn't an immediate hit, though. It turned out to be a sleeper hit, only gaining recognition after his third album Wonderland was launched. Wonderland's music style marked a leave from his previous albums. It featured funkier tunes rather than the slower ballads of his previous albums.

Khalil's fourth album Orange Moon was released in December 2008. It featured slower, more conventional love ballads. In an interview Khalil said that this album (Orange Moon) was meant to be a more romantic album, with most of the songs love themed.

Khalil released a cover album Timeless in August 2009. It featured songs by various singers which, according to him, influenced his music. Among the songs are You are the Sunshine of My Life by his childhood idol Stevie Wonder and Bad by Michael Jackson.

Discography Edit

  • Soul boy (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2005 [2][3][4]
  • This Love (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2006[5][6][7]
  • This Love Live 2007 (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2007
  • Wonderland (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2007
  • Wonderland Live 2008 (CD + DVD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2008
  • Orange Moon (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2008
  • Timeless (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2009

Filmography Edit

Drama Edit

Awards Edit

2008 Edit

2006 Edit

  • Metro Hit Radio – "New Hot Voice" (勁爆熱播新聲音)
  • Metro Hit Radio – "New Powers Singer" (勁爆新勢力歌手)
  • Metro Hit Radio – "New Powers of Creation" (勁爆創作新勢力)
  • Metro Hit Radio – "Popular Mandarin Song" - Love Love Love (勁爆國語歌曲 - 愛愛愛 )
  • Commercial Radio Hong Kong –"Chik Chak Producer" - Silver award (叱咤唱作人銀獎)
  • RoadShow – "Supreme Song" - Love Love Love (至尊歌曲 - 愛愛愛)
  • RoadShow – "Most Potential Producer/Singer" (至尊潛力創作歌手)


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