Kenny Kwan Chi-Bun (born December 30, 1980) is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter and actor, under the music label Emperor Entertainment Group. He was born in the Philippines, but grew up in Hong Kong.

At age 20, he and his friend, Steven Cheung were created as members of Boy'z, which is now known as Sun Boy'z.

In 2005, Kenny was asked to leave Boy'z so he could pursue his career as a solo artist. He has since released three albums (July 2005, December 2005, and July 2006) called "Oncoming", "Musick", and "Mie Wo Sagashite", respectively. On 13 July 2006, Kenny released his newest album called "Mie Wo Sagashite" with a 160-page photo book.

In 2007, Kenny was a guest at the SUCCESS Gala in Vancouver, where he performed and fundraised money for the organization. Kenny was also featured in Sun Boy'z' new song, 3+1=1 in their second album All For 1. This marks their first collaboration since he left the group.

Kenny has just released his fifth solo album called "Kenny's Essentials" and is currently promoting his new album.

Discography Edit

  • 2005: Oncoming
  • 2005: Musick
  • 2006: Mie Wo Sagashite
  • 2007: In Progress
  • 2008: Kenny's Essentials

Filmography Edit

[1] [2]


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