Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Jackie Chan Hiu-ki a.k.a. Kellyjackie is a Hong Kong amateur pop singer and a member of a band called the Royals. With her childhood idol being Kelly Chen, she incorporates "Kelly" into her nickname.

Prior to 2005, she was a secondary school student. She has been an internet singer for six years. She started off from the age of 13 by singing other singers' songs. After about one year, she started composing songs. The first song composed by her was Lucky voice which, among her other songs, was released on the internet.[1] In January 2005, she composed the song He invites me to Disneyland (他約我去迪士尼) during her preparation for the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination as a way of reducing stress, inspired by the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty and the princely romance.[1]

She uploaded her song He invites me to Disneyland to her band's forum, her Xanga site, and also for free downloading by internet users.[2] Surprisingly, the song spread over via the internet (mainly through Bulletin Board Systems and WinMX) within a few weeks. For some time, the song ranked number 1 among Yahoo! Hong Kong's Top Searches (搜尋人氣榜).Template:Fact Some DJs also introduced the song over radio broadcasting. Many were delighted by her talent considering her age and limited experience in this area, although some also criticised her for her unsophisticated singing skills which arouse doubts about whether she could be coined a "singer". Nevertheless, the song eventually became extremely popular and widely praised in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong and landed her a 5-year recording contract.

To celebrate the opening of the Hong Kong Disneyland, the Walt Disney Company published the Hong Kong Disneyland -The Grand Opening Celebration Album (香港迪士尼樂園開幕紀念大碟) and invited both Kellyjackie and Kelly Chen to perform the song He invites me to Disneyland, leading to the advent of the duet version of the song.


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