Template:BLP sources Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Joyce Cheng Yan-yee (born 30 May 1987 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) with family root in Taishan (Guangdong) is a Hong Kong musician, writer, actress and performer. She is the daughter of famous Hong Kong comedian Lydia Shum and veteran actor Adam Cheng.

Early lifeEdit

Cheng is the daughter of Hong Kong actor/singer Adam Cheng Siu-chow and comedian Lydia Shum Din-ha. She is also the god-daughter of Alan Tang. During most of her childhood, she gained media exposure due to her mother. Cheng showed an interest in show business. At 13, she performed a version of Britney Spears' Oops!... I Did It Again, in a Hong Kong charity television program.

Cheng spent much of her childhood in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she attended Crofton House School. She dropped out from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, to pursue a music and acting career in Asia.


Cheng has been the focus of a variety of media articles due to her struggles with her weight. At a young age, she was 226.5lbs. Determined to overcome her weight issues, Cheng started a strict fitness regimen at the age of 16. Her fitness program was recorded in her book, My Weight Loss Diary.

In 2005, Cheng played the part of Snow White in the Hong Kong Disneyland opening ceremony.[1]

Cheng had her first music video , 欣宜靠自己, "Kao Zi Ji" (literally Depend on Myself) aired on the TVB prime time show Scoop in 2006.[2]

In 2007 Cheng performed in the Tung Wah charity fundraising telethon, raising HK$310,000, which included a special HK$10,000 from her mother, Lydia Shum.

In February 2007, Cheng performed in the Chinese opera, The Grand Stage.

Cheng recorded and showcased her music video, Connected Hearts on an October 2007 episode of the popular Hong Kong television show, Enjoy Yourself Tonight.

Cheng is currently working on her debut album, produced by Liu Jia Chang, which is planned to be released before summer 2008. However, there could be a possible delay because of her mother's recent passing, on 19 February 2008.

On 26 February 2008, together with Sam Sullivan, mayor of the City of Vancouver, agreed to proclaim the following 1 June (her mother's Chinese birthday) to be "Fei Fei Day".

On 10 May 2008, Joyce performed a part originally played by her mother, in a performance from Lai Fa Palace during the 2008 Po Leung Kuk Charity Gala. Joyce will be doing charity work to mark this year's Mothers Day, the first since her mother died.

Recently, Joyce took part in the 512 Fundraising Campaign to help support the victims of the Sichuan disaster. Joyce spoke on stage about how a young mother in Sichuan had sheltered her baby from the falling rubble with her own body and remarked on how noble this self-sacrifice was. She said that she had just experienced her first Mothers Day without her own mother, but she knows that wherever her mother is, she will still be supporting her. She felt that in the same way, this young mother will still be supporting her child because the love of motherhood is great until the end. She hopes that the orphans will remember this and grow up as happy people.

On 25 July 2008, Joyce took part in a live radio show with fellow Hong Kong artiste Hins Cheung (張敬軒). The radio show was part of Ming Pao Weekly's 40th birthday celebrations. During the outside broadcast on Metro Radio, Joyce and Hins sang an English a Capella duet live. The response from fans was overwhelmingly positive. Hins praised Joyce's musical talent and added that he hopes they will be able to perform together on stage in the future.

In August 2008 several Hong Kong magazines reported that Joyce recently sold her Kowloon Garden Estate and moved in with her boyfriend, Mark Ryan, who is a teacher, artist and runner. During Adidas Hong Kong Marathon 2009, he won the 10 km category on his debut.


TV Series

Year Title Role
2008 Off Pedder
Yu Lok-Yee

Theme Songs

Year Title Theme Song
2008 Speech of Silence
Off Pedder


  1. On 2005-09-11. The opening ceremony was publicised on Hong Kong public television. Controversially, her part as Snow White sparked many telephone complaints to the television network as they said because of her weight, she caused emotional discomfort to the audience. This story was commented by many actors and comedians.
  2. 2006-10-06, at 7:30pm, during that year's Mid-Autumn Festival.

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