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Josie Ho Chiu-Yi (Template:Zh; born 26 December 1974) is a singer and actress from Hong Kong.

Movie careerEdit

She was involved in numerous movies, TV commercials, TV dramas, and singing performances.

She has played many roles including a few as prostitutes which contrasted strongly with her own wealthy upbringing as a billionaire's daughter.

For the film Exiled, Ho did not work with a script. Recalling the experience in a recent interview, she said of director Johnnie To, "[He] basically tells actors what to do...Johnnie wants us to come to the set with our mind completely clean, like a white piece of paper. That way, he can draw whatever he wishes on us." She did not find this method of improvisional acting difficult.[1] Ho stars alongside Anthony Wong Chau Sang and Eason Chan in the Ho-Cheung Pang directed horror film Dream Home.[2]

Personal lifeEdit

Ho is the daughter of businessman Stanley Ho and wife of Alive band member and actor Conroy Chan Chi-Chung. She credits elder sister Pansy Ho with supporting her early efforts to establish a singing career over the objections of their father.[3]


TV seriesEdit

[4] [5]


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