Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Jason Hsu is a member of the Taiwanese boyband 5566. He is known in the Philippines for playing the role of Cyborg 5566 in an episode of Captain Barbell.[1]

Television rolesEdit

Year Title Role
2007 Template:Lang / Ying Ye 3 Jia 1 Wang Dao Ren / 王道仁 / Bulu
2007 Template:Lang / Shi Shen JASO
2006 Captain Barbell Cyborg 5566
2004 Template:Lang / In Love With a Rich Girl Ye Wei Zhe
2004 Template:Lang / 100% Senorita Meng Zhe Lin
2003 Template:Lang / Westside Story Feng Ye Sen
2002 Template:Lang / My MVP Valentine D.J.


  1. Red, Isah. Manila Standard Today. Dennis Trillo now a full-fledged recording artist. August 2, 2006. Accessed April 2, 2008.


it:Jason Hsu zh:許孟哲

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