Template:Cleanup Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Janice M. Vidal, often credited mononymously as "Janice",[1] is an award winning female Cantopop, Hong Kong English pop, Jazz and R&B singer based in Hong Kong. She is the twin sister of singer Jill Vidal. She is British by citizenship.

Debuted in 2005, Vidal performs in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.


Vidal was born on April 13, 1982 in Kowloon, Hong Kong. She is of mixed parentage with a Filipino father with ancestry in Cebu, Philippines and a Chinese Korean mother from Seoul, South Korea. As a Hong Kong singer, Vidal adopted the Chinese name Wei Lan (衛蘭). She is often credited mononymously as Janice.[1] In the past she also work as a bar singer [2] by names such as "Renee" prior to her debut album in 2005 and "Ming Lok Tai" (明樂蒂) in a EEG singing competition in 2000Template:Citation needed. Template:As of, her father resides in Hong Kong, while her mother resides in South Korea.

Her singing is widely accepted by fans in Hong Kong, she is the only female singer occupied 2 spots in the top 10 of MOOV forever chat (the only other singer is Justin Lo), they are "離家出走" (Run Away from Home) currently number 2 and "愛才" (Love Talent) currently 6.[3] Her single "離家出走" (Run Away from Home) was recognised by the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong Sir Donald Tsang.[4]

She admitted in a radio interview that she can't read Chinese and uses English Romanization to help her pronounce words that she sings in the recording studio. In an interview with South China Morning Post in 2009, she states that she has converted to Buddhism about 6 years prior to that interview.[5] She has since became to Christian along with her sister Jill, following her sister's scandal in Japan[6].


Before becoming an artist herself, Vidal had always enjoyed singing. Her voice came to the attention of renowned producer Mark Lui by chance when she recorded the backing vocals for one of Leon Lai's songs "純粹誤會(Drum & Bass Mix BPM 170)" in 2001. Lui informed Leon, who in turn decided to offer Vidal a contract with Amusic (東亞), a newly-formed record label where Leon Lai is a major investor and to which he himself transferred. As a result, Vidal became the first newcomer to sign for Amusic in 2004.

Music careerEdit

In her first concert, Vidal stated that she was signed by Amusic around 2003. At the time Leon Lai thought that her Cantonese was not good enough, and initially asked her to work as an office assistant.[7]

During the winter of 2004, Vidal started catching the media's attention by covering one of Lai's classic hits "Long Distance" (情深說話未曾講) in English. The cover song quickly became a hit. Some fans initially thought it was an overseas singer who was covering one of Lai's classic hits, but were surprised to find out the singer was an unknown Hong Kong rookie. Since it was Christmas, her first song was swiftly followed by a Christmas version of another Lai cover "Bu Ke Yi Shi" (不可一世), sung in Cantonese. The Cantonese cover of "Long Distance" (情深說話未曾講) was aired on radio in Spring 2005 for the first time.

By April 2005, Vidal had become known as a mysterious singer who sung several cover versions of Leon Lai's songs, but whose face has never been shown in public. After roughly six months of radio publicity and building public anticipation, her face was finally unveiled when her debut album "Day & Night" was released on April 13, 2005. Fellow Cantopop singer, Justin Lo, was one of the main producers for this album, and it soon became a hit. On 25 November 2005, Vidal released her second album "My Love".

Vidal won all the (female) newbies singers awards in 2005 that were awarded by Hong Kong media. They were Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) 2005 Best Female Newbies - Gold, RTHK 2005 Best Female Newbies - Gold, TVB 2005 Best Female Newbies - Gold and Metro Radio I-Tech Metro Best Newbies 2005 (unranked). In mid-December 2005, she was placed fifth for Commercial Radio 2's 2005 Favorite Female Singer Award. She obtain Bronze in the Best Female singer category for 2006.

Vidal held her first concert series in Hong Kong from 29 March to 1 April 2007, as part of her four-night stint at Hong Kong Coliseum. It was called "My First Concert."

Vidal's fourth studio album, titled Serving You, was released on 27 November 2008. On 21 December during the press conference for Lai's new album Is Me, Lai announced that Serving You had sold more than 150,000 units.[8]

Vidal's fifth studio album, titled Morning, was released on 3 July 2009 and is her first English album composed of original compositions.

File:JaniceVidal image.jpg

From 28 April 2007 to 13 May 2007 Madame Tussauds Hong Kong organised "Madame Tussauds - Your Celebrity Choice for this Summer" competition with an aim to select new wax portrayal to be displayed in Madame Tussauds museum[9] Vidal won the competition in May and her wax portrayal started to display in the glamour section on 18 July 2007. The statue is dressed in a green ballet dress used during "My First Concert" which Vidal had donated.[10]

Janice Vidal released her first Greatest Hits Selection + New Songs compilation disc on the 27th November 2009, which comprises hit songs from her 5-year singing career - featuring 34 songs and 17 Music Videos.

In April 2010, Janice won the highest record sales award (female artist) at the 2009 Hong Kong IFPI Awards ceremony. In addition, her albums 《SERVING YOU》 and 《WISH》 were also awarded with the top 10 best selling Cantonese albums of 2009.

Janice is currently working on her new Cantonese album, expected to be released before her second concert in October. She will be holding her first MOOV live concert on July 11, 2010, where she will perform five new songs from her upcoming album as well as older classics with new arrangements. Janice also announced recently that she will be holding her second concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on October 16 and 17.


Release Date Album Name Languages Music Label
2005 Apr 13 Day & Night Cantonese, English AMusic
2005 May 26 Day & Night (2 CD Special Version) Cantonese, English AMusic
2005 Nov 25 My Love Cantonese, English, Mandarin AMusic
2006 Nov 21 Do U Know Cantonese, English AMusic
2008 Nov 27 Serving You Cantonese, English AMusic
2009 Jul 03 Morning English AMusic
2009 Nov 27 WISH Cantonese, English AMusic
2010 Feb 5 WISH (2nd Version) Cantonese, English AMusic


Release Date Title Chinese Title Role
2006, Nov A Melody Looking 緣邀之音Janice
2007, Jul The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Cantonese translation) 時をかける少女 Makoto Konno
2010 Frozen 為你鍾情

[11] [12]


Year Date Title No of Shows Location Sponsor
2007 29 March - 1 April My First[13] 4 Hong Kong Coliseum Hang Seng Bank Credit Card
2007 30 September My First[14] 1 Guangzhou, Canton Budweiser
2008 1 May My First 1 Stadium Merdeka Celcom X-Pax
2008 8 Nov Magic Live Concert - Janice Vidal [15] 1 Star Hall in Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre The Community Chest of Hong Kong
2010 16 - 17 October Fairy [16] 2 Hong Kong Coliseum IDA


HK Music Awards
Year Date Awards
2005 Dec 26 Metro Radio I-Tech Metro Newbies Award
2006 Jan 01 Commercial Radio Female newbies of the Year - Gold Award
2006 Jan 16 TVB Best New Female Singer - Gold Award
TVB Top 10 Song:Run Away from Home
TVB Best Performance-Silver
TVB Four Media Best Performance Award-Gold
2006 Jan 23 RTHK Best New Female Singer - Gold Award
2006 Jan Sina Music Best Female Newbies - Gold Award
Sina most listen Duets - "24"
2006 Apr IFPI Hong Kong - 2005 Ten Best Sales Local Artistes
IFPI Hong Kong - 2005 Most Sales Female Newbies [17]
2007 Jan 01 Commercial Radio Best Female Singer - Bronze Award
2007 Metro Radio Best Female Singer
Metro Radio Karaoke Hit Song:My Love My Fate
Metro Radio Hit Song:Run Away from Home
2007 29th (2008) RTHK Top Ten Singers 2007
2007 Jan 29 Sina Music No 3 Most listened - "離家出走" (Run Away from Home)
Sina Music Direct Most listened Program - Janice x Jill new Album
2008 30th (2009) RTHK Top Ten Singers 2008
2008 Metro Radio My Most Admired Female Singer
Metro Radio Hit Song:Doesn't Matter
2010 Jan 30 32nd (2009) RTHK Top 10 Song Award - "就算世界無童話" (If The World Has No Fairy Tales)
32nd (2009) RTHK Vocalist Award (Commonly known as Top 10 Singer, was awarded to more than 10 singer in 2009)
2010 Jan 26 2009 Sina Music Most Listened 20 - "就算世界無童話" (If The World Has No Fairy Tales)
2009 Sina Music Most Listened Album - "Wish"
2010 Apr 07 IFPI Hong Kong - 2009 Ten Best Sales Releases, Cantonese - Serving You
IFPI Hong Kong - 2009 Ten Best Sales Releases, Cantonese - Wish
IFPI Hong Kong - 2009 Ten Best Sales Local Artistes
IFPI Hong Kong - 2009 The Best Sales Local Female Vocalist [18]
Other Awards
Year Date Awards
2005 Yahoo Search Popular Awards: Most Increase
2005 PM Popular Talented New Female Stars
2005 PM Readers Choice Song: Big Brother
PM Readers Choice Duet: 24
2005 Road Show Respected Newcomer

Music pop chartEdit

Year Single Peak positions
RTHK Chinese Pop CRHK 903 Ultimate / Foreign Metro Radio Pop Chart JSG Billboard MOOV Chart
2005 "不可一世" (Not For Life) - 10 - - -
2005 "情深說話未曾講" (Deep Loving Words Unspoken) - 9 10 - -
2005 "大哥" (Big Brother) 3 4 4 9 -
2005 "十個他不如你一個" (Ten of him can't compare to you)" 1 2 2 7 -
2005 "一埸誤會" (Misunderstanding) - 12 - - -
2005 "今夜你不會來" (Will you come tonight?) 1 11 2 3 -
2006 "心亂如麻" (Messy Heart) 1 4 1 - -
2006 "My Love My Fate" 1 1 1 - -
2006 "愛才" (Love Talent) 1 7 1 1 1
2006 "離家出走" (Run Away from Home) 1 1 1 1 1
2007 "深愛" (Deep Love) 1 1 2 - 4
2007 "愛你還愛你" (Love You Still Love You) 1 3 1 - 2
2007 "童夢 (feat.光良)" (Children's fairytale) 3 12 1 1 -
2007 "無所謂" (Doesn't Matter) 3 9 3 1 3
2008 "雜技" (Acrobatics) 1 2 1 - 1 (3wks)
2008 "如水" (Like Water) 1 - 1 - 1 (3wks)
2008 "主角愛我" (Main character loves me) - - - - 1 (2wks)
2008 "陰天假期" (Cloudy Vacation) 3 13 1 1 2
2008 "就算世界無童話" (If The World Has No Fairy Tales) 1 2 1 1 1 (6 wks)
2009 "My Cookie Can" 3 5 3 - 7
2009 "愛深過做人" (Love is harder than life) 1 - - - 5
2009 "999"
2009 "Rainbows" 1 2
2009 "Please" 1
2009 "Wish" 21
2009 "心有不甘" (Unwilling Heart) 11 13
2009 "殘酷遊戲" (Cruel Game) 3 14 4 1 2
2010 "唯愛人間" (Only love humans world) 3 14 2 - 4
2010 "男人信甚麼" (衛蘭 & JW 合唱) (What Man believe) 6 10 6 - 1 (3wks)
Total number of #1 singles 12 3 9 6 7



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