Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Jan Lamb Hoi Fong is a DJ, pop singer, actor in Hong Kong. Jan is the elder brother of actor/DJ/game host Jerry and younger brother of singer and radio personality Sandy. Many fans call him affectionately by his nickname 'LambDog'Template:Fact.

He formed a rap duo during the late 80s with fellow MC and comedian Eric Kot, called 'Softhard' (軟硬天師).

Radio DJEdit

He DJ's for Commercial Radio 2(CR2), hosting several successful programmes. His most current one On a Clear Day is a 3-hour morning show which airs from 7 to 10am from Monday to Friday. This three-hour programme is hosted by Jan Lam, Matt Chow and Michelle Lo.[1]

Stand-up ComedyEdit

In 2005 Jan gave a successful series of stand-up comedy shows (林海峰是但噏發花癲), which all sold outTemplate:Fact. Jan also released a new song album which has sold very well to the extent that he has been nominated for the "best male singer award" by Chik Chak 903 (叱吒903). He also wrote many parody songs and use them on his comedy routines.

In 17-22, 26 September 2009, there will be another talk show under the Stand-up Comedy Series, namely "Yes, I Do 3omething"(林海峰是但噏我願意). It would take place in the Hong Kong Stadium.

TV commercialsEdit

Jan Lamb lends his voice to a huge number of television commercials in Hong Kong. One of his most successful commercial was for Gummi Mini Burgers which was made up of a dialog script of only one phrase repeated three times. The script read '食多啲 食多啲 食多啲啦' which literally meant 'Eat More, Eat More, Eat More!'. Jan Lamb also dubbed the cantonese version of Hong Kong Disneyland grand opening commercial.

As Softhard, he was also a part of McDonald's Hong Kong's TV advertising campaign with Janice Vidal and Charles Ying.


He is an alumnus of St. Teresa's School Kowloon and St. Joseph's College, Hong Kong.


His father was a Shanghainese suit maker. He grew up in a cozy family, where he was able to freely grow and develop his creative and artistic skills.

His eldest sister is Sandy Lamb Shan-Shan (林姍姍) who was also a DJ with Commercial Radio.

His younger brother is Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung (林曉峰) who is an actor and also DJ with Commercial Radio.

Jan is married to retired female singer Cass Phang (彭羚) and they have two daughters - Lamb Wing and Lamb Ching.

Ti Lung (狄龍) is his uncle, i.e. his mother's brother.


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