Template:Infobox musical artist Irene Ryder was a popular Eurasian Hong Kong English pop singer in Hong Kong during the 1960s. In 1966, she attained the unofficial title of Go Go Queen after winning a talent quest.[1] Her first single was To Sir With Love[1] Among the other singles that she recorded was a duet with Robert Lee, former member of Hong Kong beat band The Thunderbirds and the younger brother of Martial Arts star Bruce Lee. The single was called Baby Baby.[2]

In In 1969, she was the only female singer chosen to represent Hong Kong at the 1970 World Expo in Osaka, Japan.[1]

She retired from performing regularly after an acid attack by an unknown assailant left her face badly disfigured, but still makes occasional appearances from time to time.



  • Irene Ryder & Robert Lee - Baby baby / You put me down - HK Columbia CHK-102


  • Various Artists: Uncle Ray's Choice - Baby Baby - Irene Ryder & Robert Lee (1968)- EMI - 2003[2]


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