i Me was a multinational Mandopop and Thai-pop girl idol group, with 5 members formed by eeMedia and True Fantasia. The group consists of the members Mocika Li, Mikan Liu, Niki Yi, Sara Hohler, and Haley Shim.

Upon debut, they were called the girl version of Top Combine , a popular Chinese boy group under the same company. In Thailand, the released Thai versions of their hit songs "Aiyiya" and "Always Like" were very popular at that time. By the year 2012 they released their first Thai single "Help Me!" and performed in Academy Fantasia season 7 and season 8. i Me later disbanded in early 2013.


Mocika Li (李媛希; Li Yuanxi)

  • Date of birth: 10 February (1990-02-10) (age 28)
  • Birthplace: Ya'an, Sichuan, China
  • Education: Sichuan University of Electronic Science and Technology
  • Slogan: 时尚公主 (Fashion Princess)
  • Changed name to Li Yuxi (李雨奚)

Mikan Liu (刘美含; Liu Meihan)

  • Date of birth: 9 April (1991-04-09) (age 27)
  • Birthplace: Xiangtan, Hunan, China
  • Education: Beijing Foreign Language University
  • Slogan: 工藤新子 (Kudo Shinko)

Nikiii Yi (易易紫;Yi Yizi)

  • Date of birth: 8 November (1987-11-08) (age 30)
  • Birthplace: Chengdu, Sichuan, China
  • Education: N/A
  • Slogan: 自信天使 (Confident Angel)

Sara Hohler (那琳; Na Lin; นลินธารา โฮเลอร์; Nalintara Hohler)

Haley Shim (沈泫京; Shen Xuanjing; 심현경; Shim Hyunkyung)

  • Date of birth: 9 April (1989-04-09) (age 29)
  • Birthplace: Bucheon, Gyeonggi, South Korea
  • Education: N/A
  • Slogan: 冷艳美女 (Ice Beauty)


iMe was formed by three companies in 2009. The three Chinese members were disqualified contestants in the Chinese singing contest Super Girl in 2009. Sara, the Thai member, was a disqualified contestant in the Thai singing contest Academy Fantasia Season 3. Before being selected into iMe, she was part of the Thai girl group G2G (Girlz to Go) along with contestants from AF2, AF3, and AF4. Haley, the Korean member, was an SM Entertainment trainee for 10 years before being selected into iMe.

In 2010, they finished a year of hard and intensive training in Korea. All were professionally trained in many area such as singing, dancing, modeling and language. The group is able to speak 8 different languages: Mandarin, Cantonese, Sichuanese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, German, and English. iMe debuted in China on May 27 with the single "Ayiya (哎咿呀)". In June, they participated in the popular variety show Day Day Up and also released their first EP "Ayiya (哎咿呀)". The photoshoots were done in South Korea, and the three MVs were filmed in South Korea and Thailand. Then, they went on many variety shows and won several new artist awards. They had many collaboration projects with Philip Wu (武艺), a Hong Kong singer on the 2010 Super Boy contest, who eventually won third place. iMe earned the nickname of "Girl version Top Combine", a popular Chinese boy group under the same company.

iMe started acting in 2011. They played small roles in the drama Hello Summer (夏日甜心) and the movie Magic to Win (开心魔法). In June, Mockia announced that she changed her Chinese name from Li Yuanxi (李媛希) to Li Yuxi (李雨奚).

In 2012, iMe actively promoted in Thailand. The Thai versions of their hit songs "Aiyiya" and "Always Like" were very popular at that time. They went on many Thai variety shows. iMe released a Thai single called "Help Me!", and filmed the MV with Sattaphong Phiangphor (Tao), an AF8 contestant, to advertise a Charoen Pokphand (CP) commercial. iMe also performed in Academy Fantasia season 7 and season 8. In the same year, Mikan played a small role in I, Another (世界上另一个我) and Half a Fairy Tale (童话二分之一). iMe released their single, "Honey Honey", as part of the drama's OST.

Haley and Sara's contracts with eeMedia soon expired in 2012. The Chinese members' activities began to stagnate, and they ended their contracts with eeMedia too. iMe finally disbanded around late 2012 to early 2013. Afterwards, Sara returned to Thailand and Haley returned to South Korea. Mikan, Mockia, Niki, and Sara continued as solo actresses and singers. Meanwhile, Haley kept a low profile as a model, and whether she returned to the entertainment industry is unknown.

Awards Edit

  • 2010/08/21 7th Music King Awards (劲歌王·金曲金榜), i Me won the "Most Promising New Group" award.
  • 2010/11/28 The 12th Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), i Me won the Best Asian New Artist award.
  • 2010/12/19 3rd New Billboard Music Festival (音乐风云榜新人盛典), i Me won "The Year's Most Fashionable Artist" award.



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