Hu Ke (胡柯; born 20 September 1982 in Shanghai, China), better known by his stage name Hu Ge (胡歌|Hú Gē}}), is a Chinese film and television actor and pop singer. Hu is best known for his role as Li Xiaoyao in the 2003 TV series Chinese Paladin.


Hu is an only child, born and raised in Shanghai. He studied drama at the Shanghai Theater Academy and graduated in July 2005.

In 2004, Hu made his breakthrough role as Li Xiaoyao in the TV series Chinese Paladin, an adaptation of the action RPG The Legend of Sword and Fairy, which propelled him to fame. Hu also performed two songs for the series' soundtrack and that marked the beginning of his music career.

After Chinese Paladin, Hu embarked on a series of TV series projects, majority of which were based on Wuxia themes. Hu has acted in a number of films as well, including The Ghost Inside and The 601st Phone Call. In late 2008, he co-starred with Wu Chun and Charlene Choi in The Butterfly Lovers, a film based on the Chinese legend of the Butterfly Lovers. In the same year, he played the role of Guo Jing in The Legend of the Condor Heroes, an adaptation of Louis Cha's Wuxia novel of the same title.

Hu performed many songs for the soundtracks of the TV dramas he starred in. On 31 October 2006. Hu released his own EP, titled Treasure (珍惜) or Tell Him I Love Her (告訴他我愛她), which featured three songs. On 15 May 2008, Hu released his first full-length music album, titled Start (出發), which featured ten tracks.


Hu was involved in a car accident on 29 August 2006 while travelling from Hengdian to Shanghai on the highway. He survived with severe injuries while his assistant died. Hu had to undergo surgery and the entire healing process took approximately one year. The filming of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, which he was working on then, was temporarily halted due to his injury.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
2002 Jiazhuang Mei Ganjue Kan Kan
2005 The Ghost Inside Shen Lang
2006 The 601st Phone Call Xiaowen
2008 The Butterfly Lovers Ma Cheng'en

TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role Notes
2003 Dandelion Cheng Hao
2004 Chinese Paladin Li Xiaoyao
Liaozhai - Xiaoqian Ning Caichen
2005 Fairy From Wonderland Dong Yong
Till Death Do Us Apart Xu Feng
2006 The Young Warriors Yang Yanzhao
2008 The Legend of the Condor Heroes Guo Jing
2009 Chinese Paladin 3 Feipeng / Long Yang / Jingtian / Li Xiaoyao
2010 The Myth Yi Xiaochuan / Meng Yi
Bitter Coffee Chen Cong

[2] [3]



Year Title Notes
2006 Treasure (珍惜胡歌) EP
2008 Start (出发)


Year Title Notes
2004 Chinese Paladin OST
2005 Fairy From Wonderland OST
2006 Till Death Do Us Apart OST
2007 The Young Warriors OST
2008 Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 OST
2009 Chinese Paladin 3 OST


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