Hey Girl is a group of Taiwanese singers. Channel [V] held an audition for the show Wo Ai Hei Se Hui (我愛黑澀會), a variety show that aims to create new female entertainers in Taiwan. At the end of 2005, Channel [V] picked nine members to represent the other girls. These nine members were Gui Gui, Xiao Jie, Mei Mei, Apple, Xiao Xun, Ya Tou, Xiao Man, Tong Tong, and Da Ya. Together, they are affectionately known as the Jiu Niu Niu (九妞妞; Jiǔ Niū Niū}}) for short.

The nine members were separated into two groups for their third EP release: Da Ya, Xiao Man, Ya Tou, Gui Gui, and Apple comprised Fen Hong Gao Ya Dian (粉紅高壓電; Fěn Hóng Gāo Yā Diàn|l=high-voltage pink}}), and Mei Mei, Xiao Xun, Xiao Jie, and Tong Tong (since departed) comprised Sweet Heart Bomber (甜心轟炸機; Tián Xīn Hōng Zhà Jī|l=sweet-hearted flying bombers}}).

Issues and ScandalsEdit

Departure of Tong TongEdit

On October 5, 2007 Tong Tong left Hei Se Hui Mei Mei (including the Wo Ai Hei Se Hui show). It is rumoured that she left because of a rift with band leader Da Ya [1] over an alleged affair with Tong Tong's boyfriend at the time, Hakka-Pac; other sources suggest that Tong Tong was forced to depart due to violations of her contract.[2][3] Tong Tong reports that she began cutting herself during this stressful period.[2][3]

Moving forward, Tong Tong has stated that she plans to concentrate on her singing and dancing.[4] She is currently working for Momo Kids, a Taiwanese television company featuring children's programming.[5]

Departure of Gui GuiEdit

Gui Gui has currently left the management of Channel V, where all the band members originate from. Andy Ge has admitted to the press that she is unlikely to renew her contract, with an ambiguous post on her own blog, Gui Gui had admitted to the news.

While Andy Ge also clarifies, Hey Girl is not under Channel V management so Gui Gui is still with Hey Girl and will be attending promotions per usual.

However, the Hey Girl promotion following his statement did not include Gui Gui who was said to be busy with MIT promotion before and during their promotion. On the 6th Of May 2009, Andy Ge announced to the press that Gui Gui will not be renewing her contract with Channel V, he also states that her involvement with Hey Girl will have to be clarified with Warner Music, as Hey Girl do not belong to Channel V.

Departure of Xiao Man Edit

Xiao Man has currently left the management of Channel V. She has signed to Eelin Model Agency. She has decided to leave Hey Girl to become a model.

Departure of other members Edit

Da Ya, Xiao Jie, Mei Mei & Apple had also decided to leave Hey Girl as they are now signed to Andy Ge's new agency company, named A Legend Star Ltd. Ya tou and Xiao Xun are still in Hey Girl, but with 2 new members, Tang Guo and Yong Tu. Although it has been rumoured that Ya Tou and Xiao Xun will also leave after they have fulfilled their contracts to join A Legend Star.

Name ChangeEdit

Originally, the group's name, Hei Se Hui Mei Mei, is a pun on the words "Mei Mei" (美眉,1:beautiful girls}}) and "Hei Se Hui" (黑社會|l=black society; triad}}). Later, after the group's move to Warner Music Taiwan, its name was changed to 黑Girl, and the English name officially became Hey Girl. The change in name resulted from the record company's concerns that scandalous rumors of other members of the show Wo Ai Hei Se Hui would be associated with Hei Se Hui Mei Mei (Hey Girl).[6]

Member ProfilesEdit

Current membersEdit


Ya TouEdit

  • Birth Name: Chan Ya-Wen (Chinese:詹雅文)
  • Birthdate: April 11, 1988 (1988-04-11) (age 30)
  • Nickname: Ya Tou (Chinese:丫頭)
  • English Name: Yako
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress and Singer
  • Education: Hsing Wu College (English Program) Taipei, Taiwan

Xiao XunEdit

  • Birth Name: Huang Ching-Yi (Chinese:黃瀞怡)
  • Birthdate: February 27, 1989 (1989-02-27) (age 29)
  • Nickname: Xiao Xun (Chinese:小薰)
  • English Name: Albee Huang
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress and singer
  • Education: Hsin Sheng College of Medical Care and Management

Tang GuoEdit

  • Birth Name: Zheng Yu-ting (Chinese:鄭羽婷)
  • Birthdate: January 3, 1993 (1993-01-03) (age 25)
  • Nickname: Tang Guo(Chinese:糖果)
  • English Name: Emily Zheng or Candy
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Dancer and singer
  • Education: Jhuang Jing Vocational School

Yong TuEdit

  • Birth Name: Chen Rong-Ying(Chinese:陳融瑩)
  • Birthdate: August 5, 1990 (1990-08-05) (age 28)
  • Nickname: Yong Tu(Chinese:勇兔)
  • English Name: Ruby Chen
  • Languages: Mandarin, Min Nan (Taiwanese)
  • Profession: Dancer, singer, and host
  • Education: Jhuang Jing Vocational School

Former membersEdit

Tong TongEdit

  • Birth Name: Tsai Di-Tong (Chinese:蔡玓彤)
  • Birthdate: December 10, 1986 (1986-12-10) (age 31)
  • Nickname: Tong Tong (Chinese:彤彤) and Xiao Niu (Chinese:小妞)
  • English Name: Julie Tsai
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and Host

Gui GuiEdit

  • Birth Name: Wu Ying-Chieh (Chinese:吳映潔)
  • Birthdate: August 11, 1989 (1989-08-11) (age 29)
  • Nickname: Gui Gui (Chinese:鬼鬼) (Ghost)
  • English Name: Even Wu
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress, host and singer
  • Education: Jhuang Jing Vocational School

Da Ya ( Leader)Edit

  • Birth Name: Chou Yi-Chun (Chinese: 周宜珺)
  • Birthdate: October 21, 1984 (1984-10-21) (age 34)
  • Nickname: Da Ya (Chinese:大牙) (Big Tooth)
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and host
  • Education: Okazaki Arts School (Taipei, Taiwan)


  • Birth Name: Huang Wei-Ting (Chinese:黃暐婷)
  • Birthdate: March 28, 1984 (1984-03-28) (age 34)
  • Nickname: Apple(moon Face)
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress, Singer, and Host
  • Education: Okazak Arts School (Taipei, Taiwan)

Mei MeiEdit

  • Birth Name: Guo Jie Qi(Chinese:郭婕祈)
  • Birthdate: August 16, 1985 (age 24)
  • Nickname: Mei Mei, Aira shin
  • Languages: Mandarin,English
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and dancer
  • Education: High School Level

Xiao JieEdit

  • Birth Name: Chang Hsiao-Chieh (Chinese:張筱婕)
  • Birthdate: June 25, 1991 (1991-18-25) (age 26)
  • Nickname: Xiao Jie (Chinese:筱婕)
  • English Name: Mini Chang
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress, Singer, Dancing, and Host
  • Education: Jhuang Jing Vocational School

Xiao ManEdit

  • Birth Name: Wong Shu-Hsuan (Chinese:王淑萱 )
  • Birthdate: November 7, 1989 (1989-11-07) (age 29)
  • Nickname: Xiao Man (Chinese:小蠻)
  • English Name:Chanel
  • Languages: Mandarin
  • Profession: Actress, singer, and model
  • Education:中興高中畢業




  • Brown Sugar Macchiato (黑糖瑪奇朵) (2007) - all members
  • Wayward Kenting (我在墾丁*天氣晴; Wǒ Zài Kěn Dīng Tiān Qì Qíng}}) - Da Ya 大牙
  • Hei Tang Lai Le (黑糖來了; Hēi Táng Lái Le}}) (2007) - Da Ya 大牙, Mei Mei, Apple, and Xiao Man 小蠻 (online drama)
  • 18 Jin Bu Jin (18禁不禁; 18 Jīn Bù Jīn?}}) (2007) - Xiao Xun 小薰



  • K.O.3anguo -(終極三國 ; Zhong Ji San Guo}}]- Gui Gui 鬼鬼



  • 2008 - Hey Girl (首張同名專輯)


  • 2006 - Wo Ai Hei Se Hui mei mei(我愛黑澀會)
  • 2006 - Mei Mei Si Mi De Yi Tian - Fen Hong Gao Ya Dian / Tian Xin Hong Jia Ji (美眉私密的一天 - 粉紅高壓電 / 甜心轟炸機)
  • 2007 - Mei Mei Si Mi Party (美眉私密Party)


  • 2007 - Brown Sugar Macchiato OST (黑糖瑪奇朵原聲帶)



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