Han Shengguang Justin (Chinese: zh:韩生光; Pinyin: Hán Shēng Guāng) (Born May 3, 1988, Singapore), is a rising Chinese songwriter, record producer and actor from Singapore. His career took off in 2009 when his song 《我的太阳》[1] , written for Taiwanese Superstar Aska Yang (杨宗纬) and Chinese newcomer Cong Hao Nan (丛浩楠); reached Number 1 on the charts in China two weeks after its release. [2][3]

In early 2009, Shengguang joined the cast of upcoming Jingle Ma film Hua Mulan, playing himself.[4]

A classically trained pianist, Shengguang was personally mentored in composing by Singaporean producers Lee Shih Shiong and Lee Wei Song from the age of 15.

He is currently based in Beijing.

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  • "My Sun" (我的太阳)- Main song for Cong Hao Nan's album [5]


Year Film Role Other notes
2009 Hua Mulan As himself


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