Hacken Lee (born 6 December 1967) is an award winning Hong Kong based Cantopop singer and lyricist, actor, Master of Ceremonies and Association football sportscaster.


Early Years: 1985-1995Edit

While Hacken Lee was still studying at Wah Yan College, Hong Kong, he entered the TVB new talent show along with Alex To, William So, Vivian Chow, Grasshopper, and Eddie Ng. Although he did not get into the top 30, his passion for singing made him enter another competition. Lee won the 1985 Hong Kong 18 District Singing Contest singing "Love in the Fog" (霧之戀), a song made famous by Alan Tam, and was offered a contract with PolyGram Records.[1] As a new and relatively unknown singer, the sales of his first EP album "李克勤 (EP)" did not even reach the 5,000 mark. However, in 1988, he appeared in a TVB television series "Teenage No More" (不再少年時), which ignited his popularity and kicked off his career.

In 1992, Hacken reached the first peak in his career with "Red Sun" (紅日), a song which he sang and penned the lyrics. "Red Sun" (紅日) is still widely recognized to this day as a signature piece of inspirational music in Hong Kong, and it appeared at the time when Cantopop was blooming in the early 90s. Likewise, Lee's music grew in popularity, and his first concert, held at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 1993 was very well received; all the tickets was sold out in a couple days.[1]

However, his luck took a turn for the worse in 1995 and his music career came to a standstill following various contract disputes with his record company and a concert with a very low turnout. For a time, Hacken had no recording contract and worked instead as a TVB presenter for shows such as the music programme "Jade Solid Gold", Miss Hong Kong and numerous sports events, notably soccer. At the same time, he turned to acting and appeared occasionally in dramas for TVB.

Although his music career was at a low point then, Hacken made a name for himself as a TV host and an actor. But sometimes, he record songs for TVB, such as the TVB theme song for the 1998 World Cup.[1]

Current Career: 1999-PresentEdit

In 1999, Hacken signed on with Universal Music, his current record company. However, it was not until 2001 before he began to have a succession of hits once more, including "Flying Flower" (飛花), "Feet of Fortune" (前後腳), "I Won't Sing" (我不會唱歌) and "The Grasp of Love" (愛不釋手).

The turning point of his career came in late 2001, after a collaboration with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. The concert series was very well-received, along with subsequent sales of its recordings. Similarly, Hacken's early 2002 concert and subsequent sales of that concert's recordings were equally well-received.

He co-starred in the TVB drama, Legal Entanglement (法網伊人), which aired around the time of the 2002 concert. The series achieved high ratings and was one of TVB's most popular dramas that year. He later won the "Most Favourite Character" award at the 2002 TVB Anniversary Awards for his role in this drama series. He was also appointed the host of the 2002 World Cup and sang the theme song of TVB, which dominated the local charts for quite some time.

Riding on a wave of popularity and recognition for his singing talents, Hacken won the TVB Jade Solid Gold Award three times, twice in succession (2002 and 2003) and another one in 2005.

In 2003, he partnered with Alan Tam in a series of highly successful concerts around the world, including multiple shows in Hong Kong and Las Vegas. The concerts were named "Neighbors" (「左麟右李」) which is a play of words with a well known Chinese four-character idiom 左鄰右里 using homonyms 麟 and 李 in the artists' names. The concert became known for the "happy culture" which it inspired, especially welcomed in a period of economic downturn and an air of pessimism in the Hong Kong society as a whole.

He also partnered with Joey Yung for the first time in 2004, in a collaboration better known by another four-character idiom "Urgency cannot afford delay" (刻不容緩), once again a Chinese pun using the artists' names 克 and 容.

Lee was the first Chinese artist to release a DualDisc. Entitled Hacken Lee Concert Hall (李克勤演奏廳), the DVD side of the disc featured "Making Of" footage, while the CD side features live recordings of the songs in Surround Sound.

A sequel CD, Hacken Lee Seoul Concert Hall (李克勤演奏廳 II), was released in November 2006 following the success of the original Concert Hall, which sold over 80,000 copies. All songs in the second Concert Hall disc were recorded live from 28 to 31 August 2006 at the Harmony Theatre, Koyang Culture City Hall, Korea. Many local Korean musicians participated in the recording project, including Kwak Jung Harpist K on harp, So Kyoung-Jin on Korean big drum, Jang Hyo-Seok on saxophone, Kim Won-Jin as boy soprano, Kim Hyun-Mi, Jung Hyun-Suk Joy of Strings on violin, Kim Hae-Ryeon on viola, and Chung Yu-Young on cello. David Hodges from New York played an antique 1920 bandoneon in the recording. Unlike the original Concert Hall, which was released on the DualDisc format, Seoul Concert Hall was released in 2 discs, DVD + CD, with the former recorded in high-definition 1080i format.

In 2006, he held a series of sell-out concerts (sponsored by Carlsberg) during the Chinese New Year period at the HK Coliseum, from 28 January through to 6 February.

On 28 November 2006, Hacken married his long-time girlfriend, Miss Hong Kong 1992 Emily Lo Suk Yi and many celebrities attended their grand wedding.

Rumours broke out that Emily Lo was pregnant in early March 2007, Hacken soon admitted to the rumours at a press conference of his new album 'My Cup Of Tea'. He did not reveal it by word but by song, this song is named 'Xiao Bao Bao'. On 22 October 2007 Emily gave birth to their first child, a son Ryan.

Hacken Lee No.1 Hits was released in 22 November 2007. It contains 4 CDs of his classic hits and his new songs.

In 2007, Hacken with his environmental-themed song <花落誰家>, won the song of the year on Jade Solid Gold award. <花落誰家> is a song about environmental issues and reminds us that we only have one earth.

In 2008, Hacken against hosted a series of Chinese new year concerts, which featured the new song Everyday is a Valentine's Day <天天都是情人節>. His concert was a sellout with 11 shows in Hong Kong and this is followed by a world tour.

Hacken also accepted the job as a host for the Beijing Olympics broadcast in 2008.

Cherry Blossom controversyEdit

In Hacken Lee's 1999 album One year or more, there were three brand new songs, namely, the first single Cherry Blossom, "Stay For One More Minute" and "Sing A Cool Song Tonite". Co-written by Hacken Lee, Cherry Blossom has stirred up copyright trouble in that the song's melody was accused of copying a 1997 Thai song called Koey Bauk Wah Ruk Gu sung by Thai group LoSo.[2]

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