Go Go Club is a Chinese boys band under management of SMG Dong Fang Zhi Xing. While originally consisting of four members, the current group members are Zhong Kai(simplified Chinese:钟凯 ; traditional Chinese: 鍾凱) , Chen Zeyu(simplified Chinese: 陈泽宇; traditional Chinese: 陳澤宇) , Mao Fangyuan(simplified Chinese: 毛方圆; traditional Chinese: 毛方圓) . The height of all members is 188cm.

They rose to fame after competing in the Chinese idol TV show,2006 My Hero (simplified Chinese: 06加油!好男儿; traditional Chinese: 06加油!好男兒). In 2007, Go Go Club released their first EP, 漫长的约会, and then released a first album, 兄弟联同名专辑.

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  • 2007 My Prince(青蛙王子)
  • 2008 The Prince of Tennis(网球王子)
  • 2009 Armor Hero(铠甲勇士)
  • 2009 The Prince of Tennis 2(加油!网球王子)


  • September 28, 2007: GO GO SAIPAN EXPOSURE (青春拍立得) (Photobook)

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