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Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Template:Chinese name Gallen Lo Ka-leung is a Hong Kong actor and singer who primarily acts in television series. He is sometimes credited as King Gallen or Law Ka-leung.


Lo started acting in television series in 1983 at ATV. He received short-term success in ATV, by singing theme song for some ATV series. But when he turned to work for TVB, he was not popular until 1996, when he cast Old Time Buddy in 1997 and Secret of the Heart in 1998. He won TVB's Best Actor Award three times (1997, 1998, 2002).

In 2003, Lo left TVB and started to focus on acting and making commercials in Mainland China. Lo married with Fong Man-yee in 1998 but this marriage ended in 2007. In 2009 Lo married Su Yan, a mainland actress.


TV seriesEdit

Year Title Role TVB Anniversary Awards Notes
1986 City Stories
1987 The Seasons Tong Ka-lai
1988 Behind Silk Curtains
The Final Verdict Luk Ka-ming
1989 Looking Back in Anger Wong Kwok-kei
The Legend of Master Chan
Mystery Of The Parchment
A Trial of Lifetime
Yankee Boy
Battle In The Royal Court Shum Chi
1990 The Self Within
Silken Hands
The Hunter's Prey Fung Yek-lok
Rain in the Heart Chung Man-kit
1991 Be My Guest
Live for Life
Police on the Road Chan Chi-sun
The Survivor Cheuk Ka-ming
1992 Bet on Fate To Ka-cheung
Vengeance Kiu Lik
Rage and Passion Yuen-ngan Fung
Tales from Beyond
1993 The Hero from Shanghai Hong Kiu
Golden Snake Sword
The Yang's Women Warriors Lei See-kei
The Art of Being Together
The Spirit of Love
1994 The Last Conquest Cheng-tak Emperor
The Legend of Condor Heroes 1994 Yeung Hong
1995 Plain Love Fong Shu-gan
Hand of Hope Ching Lap-yan
1996 Dark Tales Yuen Fung
Cold Blood Warm Heart Tsui Ka-lap
Criminal Investigator II Leung Ka-wai (Charles)
Ambition Cheung Man-wai
1997 Once Upon a Time in Shanghai Kwok Say-wai
Old Time Buddy Lei Kei Best Actor
Mystery Files Ko Wing-hin
A Recipe for the Heart Sui-hau-lo (Guest Star)
1998 Old Time Buddy 2 - To Catch a Thief Lei Kei
Secret of the Heart Cheuk Sheung-man My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role
1999 Feminine Masculinity Tang Ping-kuen My Favourite On-Screen Partners
At the Threshold of an Era Yip Wing-tim
2000 At the Threshold of an Era II Yip Wing-tim My Favourite Television Character
2001 At Point Blank Law King-fai (released overseas 2001)
(aired in 2006 HK TVB)
Seven Sisters Tse Tsi-tong My Favourite Television Character
Hope for Sale Wong Ha-pak
2002 Golden Faith Ting Sin-bun / Chung Tin-yan (Ivan) My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role
My Favourite Television Character
2003 The 'W' Files Wisely
2004 Kung Fu Soccer (Guest Star)
2005 My Fair Lady
2006 Lady Wang in Exile
2007 The Great Navigator: Zheng He Zheng He
Chinese Moon on Hu's Land
Wolf Smoke
2008 When a Dog Loves a Cat Miu Jun
Perfect Ending Zhou Zhenhua (China Mainland Series)
2009 Born Rich Sa Fu-loi / Cheuk Yat-ming Best Actor Nomination (Top 15)
My Favourite Male Character Nomination (Top 15)


Year Title Role Notes
1997 Those Were the Days Lei Kei
2005 Divergence Yiu Tin-chung

Awards and titlesEdit


  • At Point Blank (我有时怕倾诉)
  • At The Threshold of An Era 1 (創世紀)
  • At The Threshold of An Era 2 (創世紀 II)
  • Seven Sisters (七姊妹)
  • Secret Of The Heart (天地豪情)
  • Time's Fairytale (歲月的童話), opening theme song for Golden Faith
  • Sunny Days (陽光燦爛的日子) and When Love Comes to an End (當愛情走到盡頭), ending theme songs for Golden Faith and The W Files
  • On the Verge of Eternity (差一剎的地老天荒), opening theme song for Born Rich


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