Template:BLP sources Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Fiona Sit Hoi-Kei is a female singer and actress from Hong Kong.


Fiona Sit attended Island School and City University of Hong Kong[1] until 2004.



Template:Listen Sit released her first album F Debut in 2004. It became a best-seller in Hong Kong, being certified gold for sales in excess of 25,000 copies.[2] The album contained the hit ballad "XBF" (short for ex-boyfriend) and another hit "Keanu Reeves Reply."

On 7 January 2005, Warner Music released a single named 886. It included songs such as "Pumpkin Wagon" and "886", which is a short term of Byebye in Cantonese ICQ language. The single was a huge success and it was sold out within 3 weeks.

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Warner Music released her second album, Funnygirl, in April 2005. Its success resulted in the release of Funnygirl (2nd Edition), which included a DVD with her music videos, including the #1 single "A Boy Like You".

Her third album, Me, was another CD+DVD combination released on 23 December 2005. It included the song "Love", which was featured in the film Embrace Your Shadow, which Sit starred in. The DVD was a live concert footage of her "903 Fiona 0811" performance.

She has won a number of awards, including a gold award for best female newcomer at the Hong Kong Music Awards, as well as a gold award for the song "Keanu Reeves' Reply." Template:Citation needed

In 2006, Sit raised some controversy with her video clip for "Tong But Lut" as it hold great resemblance to the video clip of "ourselves" by Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki. Her song "Dear Fiona" is a Cantonese version of the song Tomorrow's Way by Yui.

Sit's official fan club, Club F was established on 11 August 2006 in conjunction with her 25th birthday. Her 4th album "Electric Angel" was released on the same day as well. 200 fans attended the first gathering, which was held in a Chinese restaurant in Wan Chai.

After Electric Angel, Sit went over to Taiwan in order to improve her Mandarin skills. In order to keep her fanbase (Hong Kong artists usually release 1 to 2 albums per year to keep up their popularity), Warner released her first compilation, "F" Best, on 12 June 2007. This album includes 3 new songs with 15 selected songs from her previous albums. The album also includes a DVD containing a short film and some MVs of her songs.

After training in Taiwan in one year, Sit made her debut Mandarin album It's My Day which was released on 18 April 2008. The album is recorded in Taiwan and also in Singapore. It features songs such as I don't need Tiffany, which refers to the jewelry company and a duet with Khalil Fong, Overcoming Memories.

TV seriesEdit

In 2005 Sit went on to film her first Hong Kong TVB series The Academy as a female police trainee. To match the character's circumstances, Fiona cut her hair short. In contrast to her past success, fans responded negatively towards this change in her image, and were wary of her future career decisions. She followed with a cameo performance on On The First Beat. Sit also featured in a weight loss product TV commercial, in which she performed a dance routine. These two events were mocked in the Hong Kong media, and cut into her fanbase.

2008 bottle attack incidentEdit

On 23 February 2008, a 27 year-old male fan named Lin threw a bottle of herbal tea at Sit as she was on stage during a charity event in Mong Kok, resulting in an injury to her forehead. The man was detained by security guards and later arrested. The bottle also caused minor injury to a staff member of the event. Sit, fearing her eye had been injured, reportedly broke into tears before being taken to Kwong Wah Hospital.[3][4]

Discography Edit

  • F Debut (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2004
  • 886 (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2005
  • Funny Girl (CD/DVD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2005
  • Me (CD/DVD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2005
  • Electric Angel (CD/VCD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2006
  • "F" Best (Special edition) (CD/DVD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2007
  • It's My Day (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2008
  • Smile (CD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2008
  • Read Me (CD/DVD) - Warner Music Hong Kong - 2009


  • 903 Hit Four Fiona 0811 Concert(熱火樂團) (2005)
  • 903 Live Concert Fiona Sit X Stephanie Cheng(拉闊演奏廳)

Filmography Edit

Movies Edit

Television series Edit

Drama Edit

  • CRHK Sammy Kitty Drama Akapi (亞卡比槍擊事件) - Leading Actress (2005)
  • CRHK Love Park (戀愛樂園)
  • Colours of Love, (森之愛情) -co star. (2007)
  • Last Smile First Tear (2008)

Awards Edit


  • TVB " Jade Solid Gold" Best Choice Award, second round- Next Time

2006 Edit

(Hong Kong)

  • Commercial Radio - " Supreme Song " – The Seventh: Little Canyon 1234
  • TVB " Jade Solid Gold" Best Choice Award, second round- Tong But Lut
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold" First round golden song - Finding Unicorn
  • Next Media Television Award- New Artiste
  • Next Media Television Award- Most Charming New Star
  • Yahoo! Most popular artist's Blog Award [5][6]

(Mainland China)

  • Guangzhou radio "Gold Song, Gold Chart" Most Famous Female Artist [7][8][9]
  • Guangzhou Radio "Golden Chart Award" All-round Artist (outside mainland china region)
  • Guangzhou Radio "Golden Chart Award" Most Famous Female Artist (outside mainland china region)
  • Guangzhou Radio "Golden Chart Award" Golden songs - Tong But Lut

2005 Edit

(Hong Kong)

  • Roadshow Popular Singer
  • Roadshow Hit Song – Little Dark and Me
  • Commercial Radio - " Supreme Song " – The Fifth: Little Dark and Me
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold" – " Top Ten Gold Songs Award " – Boy Likes You[10]
  • Metro Radio " Entertainment Television Award " - Super TV New Actress
  • Outstanding Website Award – Activities Promotion Ambassador
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold" First round golden song – Little Dark and Me
  • Metro Hit Radio "Karaoke Hit Song" – Little Dark and Me
  • Metro Hit Radio – Popular Singer
  • Metro Hit Radio "Awards from 4 Stations" – Remarkable Performance – Gold Award

(Mainland China)

  • 9 + 2 Music Pioneer Award New Female Singer Gold Award
  • Sprite China Original Music Chart " My Favourite Idol Award (Hong Kong) "
  • Sprite China Original Music Chart " Great Advancement Singer Award "
  • The third session of Southeast Power Music Award - Most promising future female singer in Hong Kong Region
  • Yue-Gang Future Super Star Award – Future Super Star

2004 Edit

(Hong Kong)

  • Metro Hit Radio "New Female Artiste"
  • Metro Hit Radio "My Favorite New Female Artiste"
  • Metro Hit Radio Original Music Award – Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold"– "Most Favorite New Artiste"– Gold Award[11]
  • Metro Hit Radio Best Lyric – Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • Commercial Radio "New Female Artiste"– Gold Award
  • Commercial Radio "The Excellent Performance Award presented by four Media Organizers" Bronze Award.
  • Commercial Radio - "Supreme Song"– The Seventh: Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • RTHK Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award "Ten Best Song" - Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • RTHK "Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award " New Female Artiste– Gold Award
  • Yahoo! Music Chart Top Ten Songs - Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • Yahoo! Potential New Comers
  • IFPI The Best Sales Artist, New Comer, Female
  • Road Show MV Direct Voting: Best new artist
  • PM Magazine – Cross inter-media female artist
  • TVB Golden Kid Songs Award "Top 10 Kid Songs" - Ugly Ducking Swam Lake
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold " First round golden song – Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold " First round new singer – Top new singer in three consecutive weeks
  • TVB "Jade Solid Gold " Second round golden song – 886

(Mainland China)

  • Guangzhou Radio "Golden Chart Award" – Queen of New Female Singer
  • Guangzhou Radio "Golden Chart Award" Golden Song - Reply from Keanu Reeves
  • Guangdong Radio Music Pioneer Award "Most Famous New Female Singer" – Gold Award
  • Southern City Daily Newspaper and Radio Guangdong "the 5th Year Chinese Music Media Award" – The Best New Artist
  • Guangzhou "the 2nd Year Music King Final Award – Most Promising New Artist
  • Guangzhou "the 2nd Year Music King Final Award" Golden Song - Reply from Keanu Reeves



  • Youth Anti-drugs Ambassador (organized by RTHK 2 Teen Power and Narcotics Division)[12]
  • Netvigator advertisement
  • Occupational Safety and Health Ambassador (organized by RTHK 2 Teen Power and Occupational Safety and Health Council)
  • Yi Zhi Chun advertisement[13]
  • King To Nin Jiom Pei Pa kao spokesperson [14]
  • MOOV advertisement[15][16]


  • Star of Famine[17]
  • 40th Hong Kong Brands & Product Expo – Ambassador
  • La Vallee Skin Appliances Representative[18]
  • 3C Digital Chain Store Representative
  • Toshiba Laptop computer advertisement 05


  • AMO Blink contact lens products, eye care products endorsement
  • SucoStop Slimming Tablets Product Endorsement
  • Rabbit Brand Kannasalbe Ace Ointment and Kissahoney-A Lotion TV advertisement[19]
  • Toshiba Laptop computer advertisement


  • Sagem Mobile phone advertisement
  • YOHO Town Property Outdoor Billboard
  • Coke-Cola TV advertisement


  • Nestle Yogurt advertisement
  • AIWA MD advertisement
  • Motorola TV advertisement
  • Bank of China Y' N Card TV advertisement


  • HSBC TV advertisement
  • Vita TV advertisement

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