Template:Chinese name Template:Cleanup Fei Xiang (born Kris Phillips on December 24, 1960 in Taiwan, Republic of China; Template:Zh) is a Taiwanese-American pop idol and musical singer. Born to an American father and a Chinese mother, Fei Xiang spent his childhood in Taipei. His eight albums produced during early 1980s for EMI and PolyGram launched hit singles in Taiwan and Southeast Asia. His rise to fame on mainland China came almost instantaneously from his performance at the 1987 CCTV New Year's Gala [1], an action that was met with great protest by the Taiwan government. Eight subsequent albums produced in People's Republic of China from 1986 to 2002 have made him a pop idol of the country.

In 1991, Fei Xiang extended the range of his performances to Broadway, taking a role in the musical Miss Saigon. Under his English name Kris Phillips, he has performed as a soloist in The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber - Masterpiece. In this concert with full orchestra, he has starred with Elaine Paige, performing highlights from The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Sunset Boulevard.

In 2006, Fei Xiang starred as the Emcee in Toy Theatre's production of the musical Cabaret in Singapore.


Kris Phillips is his actual birth name. He was known as Bart Phillips during the time he spent at Stanford University in the late 1970's as an undergraduate pre-med student. Bart left Stanford University to pursue his dream of an acting career. He moved to New York and was aided by his late sister Anya with his endeavors to achieve this. He never returned to finish his studies eventually returning to Taiwan to further pursue his career as an entertainer. He was named "Kris" as he was born on Christmas Eve. His Chinese name was formed from his mother's surname "Fei" and choosing Xiang as his given name, taken from a pun of "soaring" in Chinese (飛翔, pinyin: fēi xiáng). Other variations due to different transliteration practices are Fei Tsiang, Fei Cheung and Fei Hsiang.

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