F4 is a popular Taiwanese boy band. The group began in the Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden as F4 with members Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou. They have also attained popularity in other part of Asia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea and in the Philippines.

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F4 (2001–2002)Edit

The Meteor Garden series is an adaptation of the Japanese shōjo manga series, ' (Hana Yori Dango). Yan plays the lead role of Dao Ming Si, an extremely arrogant and rich university student who meets his match in the poor but proud girl, Shan Cai - played by Barbie Hsu. Chou, Wu and Chu play his friends Hua Ze Lei, Mei Zuo, and Xi Men respectively. The four boys were the most popular and handsome boys at the university; they were recognised as the group named the "Flower Four", hence the title: F4.

Meteor Garden was released in Taiwan in 2001 and turned the leads into stars virtually overnight . In 2002 Meteor Garden was released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and in the Philippines in 2003. It was also released in some place of Europe. The series was smuggled into Mainland China in 2002 despite an official ban by the authorities there on its showing due to its emphasis on power and materialism

. A sequel, Meteor Garden II, was shot in Spain later and released in 2002.

In 2001, F4 became a boy-group and signed a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Together they have released three albums, Meteor Rain, Fantasy 4ever, and "Waiting for You Here". In 2002, F4 sang the Mandarin cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love" included in the Asian version of Walt Disney's Lilo & Stitch soundtrack.[1] The English version of this song is sung by A*Teens, which is a cover of the 1961 Elvis Presley hit of the same title. They also made the Mandarin cover of Yo Te Amo by Chayanne.

JVKV (April 29, 2007)Edit

On April 29, 2007, Meteor Garden producer Angie Chai announced that the group would no longer be known as F4. The change in name stemmed from copyright-related issues. Japanese publisher Shueisha, who owns the copyright to Hana Yori Dango allowed the group to use F4 as its band name in 2001. However, as Japan had filmed and aired its own live action versions of the popular manga, with its own cast of four, the publisher felt that there may be confusion over the name in different countries.[2][3] Due to this conflict, the group was renamed JVKV using the first initials of each of the group's members. According to the producer, the members are listed in the new name by the order of their birth dates from oldest to youngest, thus Vanness Wu's name appears before Vic Chou's.[4]

Despite rumours of disbanding,[5] JVKV released their third album, Waiting For You, on December 28, 2007.[6] Their third album still bore the name F4, not JVKV.


F4 were the first foreign artists to hold 7 consecutive concerts in Japan. Thousands flooded Narita Airport when the band's plane touched down. Jerry Yan even attracted two thousand fans at the airport during his solo fan meeting.

Solo projectsEdit

Template:Seealso JVKV are also concentrating on their solo careers in acting and music.

Wu has focused more of his attention on movies and music. He released his 2nd album, titled "V.Dubb" (his nickname), in April 2007, five years after his first album, "Body Will Sing", and has released his 3rd album titled "In Between 2008 new song + collection album" in June 2008. He's been in numerous music videos, such as "Ai Cuo" with Wang Leehom, the Chinese version of "Crazy in Love" with Beyoncé Knowles, and Coco Lee's "Hip Hop Tonight". He has also been involved with several big-screen movies such as "Star Runner", "Kung Fu Fighter", "Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon", and "Dragon Squad", among others. Many of his movies relate to his love of stunts and martial arts.

In August 2004, Yan came out with his first solo album titled, "The First Time" (第一次 Jerry for You). He's acted in Taiwanese drama series such as "Spicy Teacher", "Meteor Garden", its sequel "Meteor Garden 2", "Meteor Rain", "Come To My place", "Love Scar", "The Hospital", and made a movie, "Magic Kitchen" 魔幻廚房 (2004). "Hot Shot" (2008) was broadcast in Taiwan, and "Starlit" aired in Taiwan in 2009. He is filming a new series, called "Down With Love", with Ella Chen of S.H.E.

Chou has come out with 3 solo albums, "Make a Wish" (2002), "Remember I Love You" (2004), and "I'm not F4" (2007), and has acted in at least one drama series every year since 2001, with the exception of 2003. Within the last year, he came out with two movies: "Linger" and "Tea Fight".

Chu, known to love food and cooking, came out with his own cookbook, "Delicious Relations" (美味關係) in 2006, after starring in a string of idol dramas. He has also starred in at least one drama per year since 2001, except 2005, where he came out with his own solo album, "On Ken's Time". He has released his 2nd solo album "2009 Getting Real new songs + collections album" in January 2009 (just before his birthday). He has filmed three movies to date. In a recent interview with F4, Chu has mentioned that he is growing increasingly more interested in music.

Three of the four appeared in "Wish To See You Again", starring Vic Chou and Ken Chu, while Vanness had guest appearances in a few episodes. Due to scheduling conflicts, Jerry Yan did not appear; his part was played by Kingone Wang. Yan filmed a series in Taiwan alongside Wu Chun of Fahrenheit and Show Luo, called "Hot Shot" which was released in the Summer 2008. The series revolves around basketball and the boys' competition on court. This series was highly anticipated due to the star status of thethree male leads.


流星雨 (Meteor Rain) (November 2001)Edit

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Fantasy 4ever (January 2003)Edit

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Waiting for you 在這裡等你 (28 December 2007)Edit

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