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Etty Lau Farrell (born Etty Lau on December 10, 1974) is a vocalist for the band Satellite Party. She works as a professional dancer in the film and music industry.


Early lifeEdit

Born in Hong Kong, she moved to Bellevue, WA at the age of ten. She trained as a classical ballerina at the Royal Academy of Dancing, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Cornish College of the Arts and, at the age of 19, won a scholarship to the Edge Performing Art Center in Los Angeles, CA.

The Pussycat DollsEdit

She was a member of all-girl group The Pussycat Dolls in 1995 until 1997.Template:Citation needed She left the group to join Jane's Addiction as the lead dancer.

Jane's AddictionEdit

Etty met current husband and bandmate, Perry Farrell, while a dancer on Jane's Addiction's 1997 Relapse tour (she can be seen on the Three Days rockumentary that records the tour). Subsequently, she had been a featured dancer on Janes' Jubilee tour in '01, Strays tour at Lollapalooza in '03, as well as Perry Farrell's solo project, which performed a few shows in '99. The two married late January, 2002. They have two sons together, Hezron Wolfgang and Izzadore Bravo.

The Jane's Addiction songs "Wrong Girl", "Superhero", "To Match the Sun", and the unreleased "Cling to You" were written for Etty. Perry has since written an entire piece of music based around the fantasy version of their relationship, called Satellite Party. Etty Farrell sings and plays her part on the record as well as the live stage shows.


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