Template:Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor Emme Wong Yee-Man is a Cantopop singer based in Hong Kong.

Wong originally debuted under the name "Dior Wong" in late 2001, as one of Universal Records's promising new pop starlets. As Dior Wong, she sported a clean and youthful image, and released her first EP Pure Impression (純屬印象) in November. She followed with her first full-length album Scents (香薰) in July 2002.

After a brief hiatus, she changed her name to Emme and returned with her sophomore album (self-titled) in 2003, marked by a new, more mature playgirl image, and uptempo dance tunes which she has been noted for ever since. The subsequent EP Good Show released in 2004 continues in the same vein. She returned in May 2008 with the new dance/electronic single Aspire (渴求), and the album The Groove In Me in August.

Wong has, over the years, recorded many Cantonese covers of songs originally sung in English, including "What Took You So Long" by Emma Bunton (純屬印象), "Round Round" by The Sugababes (戒男), "Show Me Love" by t.A.T.u., and most recently a remixed version of "He Doesn't Love You" by Sarah McLeod (渴求).

Discography Edit

  • Pure Impression (純屬印象) 2001, EP
  • Scents(香薰) 2002, album
  • Emme 2003, album
  • Good Show? 2004, album
  • The Groove In Me 2008, album


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